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Robert Kardashian, Sr. passed away back in 2003, but his memory lives on both in his mega-famous children, and in the public’s ongoing fascination with "the trial of the century," during which Kardashian played a critical role as a sort of liaison between O.J. Simpson and his attorneys.

The new FX mini-series based on the O.J. trial has led to a renewed interest in the role that Kardashian played in helping to secure a stunning verdict.

(Spoiler alert for our younger readers: Simpson was found not guilty for reasons that still continue to baffle millions.)

Earlier today, Radar Online posted a long-forgotten interview that Kardashian gave to Barbara Walters in 1996, not long after the trial was completed.

The video below features some revelations from Kardashian that somehow remain shocking today.

Even those who took an intense interest in the case likely forgot some of the mind-blowing facts that Kardashian shares here, such as the amount that Robert Shapiro got paid, or the fact that Kardashian likely would have gone to prison as an accomplice if O.J. had pleaded guilty.

Of course, the biggest bombshell comes when Walters asks Kardashian the question that’s still on everyone’s mind to this day:

“Do you yourself have doubts about O.J. Simpson’s innocence?”

Check out the video for his answer: