Nine-Year-Old Boy Saves Baby Brother's Life: Watch The Amazing Video!

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This video is really, truly, sincerely amazing.

Seriously, get your tissues, because you're about to feel all kinds of feelings.

This video shows footage from a nanny cam -- the little camera was able to catch a little boy saving his baby brother's life when he rolled off a changing table.

The mother of the family, Tila Levi, has five children, including 11-month-old twins Eitan and Eliana and nine-year-old Joseph.

Levi family

She's bound to be very busy with that many kids, and accidents are bound to happen, and so she found herself looking away from baby Eitan after placing him on a changing table.

The baby rolled over, as babies tend to do, and the results could have been devastating, if it weren't for the quick reflexes of Joseph.

It's terrifying to watch, and Tila says it's "not my proudest moment as a mom," but she "wanted to create awareness and show that our lives can be changed when you're doing something like grabbing the baby wipes."

She said that in the middle of changing the baby, she turned to speak to one of her other children, and that's when little Eitan got feisty.

Luckily, Joseph was there to save the day.

"We tried to reward him for what happened," Tila says. 

"We said 'You can pick anything you want, we want to buy you a present.' He said 'For what? For saving my brother? I don't need a present for that.'"

Check out the incredible footage below:

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