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A new season of Teen Mom OG is nearly upon us.

What can viewers expect from the beloved reality show?

A vow renewal… a pending divorce… a courthouse appointment…. and so much more, you guys!

Awww, Little Vaeda!

MTV has released the first extended trailer for upcoming episodes, which kick off on Tuesday, March 17 and which will take us inside multiple relationships — and one arrest.

The arrest, of course, refers to Amber Portwood having been booked on multiple charges related to an incident from last July.

As you must know by now, Portwood is accused of assaulting ex-boyfriend Andrew Glennon (while he was holding their infant son!) and even going after him with a machete.

In the clip featured here, we see Amber going to face a judge, with many of her co-stars actually joining her as a show of support.

Anything Else from Amber in the Preview?

We’ll see see Amber getting along so well with first baby daddy Gary Shirley; so much so that the two are dropping off 11-year old daughter Leah at school together.

Elsewhere, Catelynn and Tyler are getting along better than ever.

To what extent?

To the extent that the wife and husband are in Hawaii for their fifth anniversary in this sneak peek… and they’re also renewing their vows during the special trip!

Tyler, In All the Tears

“I love you,” Tyler, 28, says, as he attempts to fight back tears.

“I love you too,” Catelynn, 27, replies.

Just so sweet, especially when you consider all these two have been through over the years.

She Does! Again!

While Catelynn and Tyler are reiterating their love for each other, though, Mackenzie McKee and her husband, Josh, are seeming going in the opposite direction.

We hear Maci flat-out say she wants a divorce in this preview, which would make sense after all the Josh McKee cheating rumors that cropped up last year.

But… wait! Hold on a second! All hope might not be lost for this couple!

A press release from MTV teases not just a reunion between Maci and Josh, but even depicts scenes from his re-proposal to her in October.

But Is All Well That Ends Well?

Elsewhere, Cheyenne Floyd wants to launch her own event planning company, considering the success of the fundraiser she planned for daughter, Ryder’s foundation.

Now, Cheyenne wants to plan even more events and we actually see her trying to get this business started in the preview.

Her storyline will also explore the changes within her co-parenting relationship with her ex, Cory as he’s expecting a baby girl with his girlfriend, Taylor.

And Cheyenne?

And speaking of co-parenting?

Maci will try to include Ryan Edwards in the life of their son… while he’s busy preparing to have a baby girl with wife, Mackenzie Edwards.

Maci will also be harrd at work as an activist for women’s reproductive health, exploring more ways to advocate for PCOS to raise awareness around birth control and women’s health.

“I’m so proud of you," husband Taylor says at one point, proving that he’s the anti-Ryan in every day possible.

What else can you expexct from Teen Mom OG this spring?

Check out the video now!