Nene Leakes to Fan: I Hope You Get Raped!

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Fans love Nene Leakes for her straightforward, tell-it-like-it-is persona, but there's a fine line between being outspoken and being the worst kind of bully.

A good way to know you've crossed the line is if you find yourself standing on stage in front of a large crowd and telling an audience member that you hope she gets raped.

For reasons that remain unclear, people paid to see Nene perform standup comedy in Oakland on Saturday night.

NeNe Leakes at a Party

Perhaps we should've put "comedy" in quotes, because by all accounts, the set did not go well.

Nene joked about Uber drivers attempting to have sex with their female passengers, and apparently, the joke was so lame she was loudly booed by the crowd.

That's when things really got ugly.

Leakes singled out one displeased audience member in particular, saying:

"I ain't even gonna tell you about the goddamn Uber driver. I hope he rape yo' ass tonight when he take you home, bitch."

NeNe Leakes Dazzles

"And steal yo' funky hello kitty, bitch," she added for good measure.

It's the second high-profile conflict in as many weeks for Nene.

Last week, Leakes clashed with Brelle Biermann, daughter of her former co-star Kim Zolciak-Birermann.

Leakes slammed Biermann as "racist trash" and a Kylie Jenner wannabe in a rant that left fans divided.

Watch Nene's bizarre rant in the clip below:

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