NeNe Leakes: Screw Kenya Moore and Her Bad Skin!

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Last week, The Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers watched Kenya Moore's marriage to Marc Daly implode. It was ugly.

Now, even as Kenya grapples with the emotional fallout, NeNe Leakes feels snubbed and is reading her archrival for filth.

Kenya Moore Speaks to Kandi Burruss and Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia Bailey and Kandi Burruss showed up at Kenya's to touch base with her and offer, if they could, some comfort.

Kenya recounted Marc's vicious, resentful behavior before, during, and after the charity event.

He was caught on a hot mic badmouthing his marriage to a reality star.

Kenya said that he forced her hand into releasing a statement on the separation ... because he made his own unilateral announcement first.

kenya moore rhoa bad time

"We went to the event and he seemed very irritated the whole time we were there," Kenya told her friends.

She described Marc's behavior as "not loving, not being nice to me, saying little things under his breath."

"Everything I was doing, it was like an issue," she lamented.

Folks, this sounds like a description of classic emotional abuse -- designed to make someone constantly on edge and desperate to please.

kenya moore marc daly controlling jerk flashback rhoa

"He ended up getting the the Uber, we took off and then he was just like livid," Kenya recalled.

She recounted: "He was like, 'I didn't even want you to come.' Somehow I ruined his night."

"Every time he gets mad, he goes in, he goes for my throat," Kenya characterized.

She explained: "He can't stop until he feels like he is just completely destroying me."

kenya moore rhoa big sad

The one piece of good news (other than their marriage falling apart) is that Kenya is adamant that Marc was not physically abusive with her.

Still, she told Kandi and Cynthia "never seen him angry" like he was during their ride home.

Apparently, his behavior was so toxic that even a total stranger wouldn't stand for it any longer.

"The Uber driver asked him to get out of the car," Kenya revealed.

Kandi Burruss Listens Sympathetically

Kenya told her friends: "He asked him to leave ... it got really out of hand and I told him he can't come back here, just go."

In related news, we have never wanted to read an interview with an Uber driver so badly in our lives.

Kenya reiterated that he was not abusive, but admitted that his antics did make her "flash back" to a previous relationship.

For unimaginable reasons, she said that she did not want a divorce, but suspected that Marc was "doing something else."

marc daly rhoa flashback

She means that Marc Daly was cheating, folks.

"I look around and I see these text messages or whatever," Kenya confided.

"One of the woman was begging him to keep the sex going even though he was married," she accused.

"That woman, he still communicates with after I told him 'This is inappropriate.'"

kenya moore rhoa at a loss

"I called the bitch too, which I regret that I did," Kenya admitted. "She answered the phone."

"I said, 'You might want to take me off the speaker phone, this is Mrs. Marc Daly.' And she picked up the mother f--king phone," she shared.

"And I proceeded to let her know if she came anywhere else near my husband, I know where she lives," Kenya revealed.

If you're having to call women you don't know and threaten them ... your marriage is in trouble, and it's not the stranger's fault.

Kenya Moore Stands with Cynthia Bailey

Kenya was in such an emotional state that she considered opting out of the trip to Greece.

"The girls, they hate me and they only want to see me fail," Kenya lamented.

NeNe confirmed her suspicions, mocking her broken marriage and announcing that "karma is a bitch."

Either in the name of friendship or paychecks, Kenya did opt to go on the trip, flying separately and surprising the ladies in Athens.

NeNe Leakes Speaks to the Camera About the Greece Trip

Cynthia tried to push NeNe and Cynthia into spending time together and talking one-on one.

NeNe was down for it but Kenya was not.

"She's really a sad woman," NeNe complained. "I put all of our drama aside, and as a married woman who has been through things in her marriage."

"I wanted to just really give her real advice," she said, feeling slighted. "F--k Kenya, be clear, f--k Kenya and her bad skin, okay?"

NeNe Leakes Says Eff Kenya and Her Bad Skin, Okay?

"This is the problem, I don't get ready when she's ready," NeNe said.

"We're not going to eventually have anything, my door is closed, we don't have to talk ever, I'm done," she characterized.

NeNe complained further: "She's right, I'm wrong, I f--ked her man and stole her baby."

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