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The Season 11 reunion special for The Real Housewives of Atlanta is nearly upon us.

NeNe Leakes is the center of the drama, and it’s about so much more than her freaking out and attacking the camera crew.

It looks like she and Cynthia have a falling out … one that’s so bad that NeNe storms off of the set.

"I thought we were real friends," NeNe can be heard asking over the phone backstage.

"I’ve tried to be a good friend to her," Cynthia expresses to Andy Cohen.

"Why," NeNe then asks. "Would you want to plot to bring your good friend down?"

That is a very fair question.

But, to be clear, their issue is over Cynthia inviting Kenya Moore to her event.

NeNe believes that this was a betrayal by Cynthia.

"I was being a ride or die friend," Cynthia protests.

But NeNe doesn’t even want to hear her speak in her defense.

"Do not keep pushing me over, don’t!" NeNe warns.

Notably, it is unclear if she is speaking to Cynthia or to Andy at this moment. You know how trailers are.

When Cynthia doesn’t drop to her knees and grovel for forgiveness, NeNe storms off of the set of the reunion.

Cynthia admits that, after all of the drama, she might just be done with that particular friendship.

"If NeNe wants to fall out over this petty a– s–t," she says.

Cynthia continues: "then let us fall over."

Fighting for a friendship is a good thing to do.

But it’s clear that Cynthia won’t do so if she can’t be dignified about it.

As you can imagine, another hot topic was NeNe Leakes’s husband, Gregg Leakes.

Gregg has cancer and has been undergoing a cancer battle.

In addition to addressing the struggles of being a caregiver and the side effects of cancer treatments, NeNe has also faced criticisms.

During the reunion, she gets asked a very pointed question: why doesn’t she just stay home with Gregg all of the time?

"If I didn’t travel," NeNe explains. "Gregg wouldn’t be eating."

Reports say that Marlo Hampton doesn’t buy that for a moment, and challenges NeNe on it.

There’s more than NeNe in the trailer.

In fact, at one point, Porsha has a line about her man’s tattoos that you have to hear for yourself.

It’s one of the highlights of the trailer.

Which is why, of course, we have included the trailer in this post.

NeNe makes the big bucks because she knows how to stay at the center of drama, but she’s not the only one who can be messy on reality TV.

The problem with someone storming off of the stage is that it has happened a few too many times on reality television.

Like, on some level, we all know that it’s a conscious choice, even if it wasn’t exactly scripted.

Someone in fear of losing their job is not going to leave one of those couches.

(People in retail hear things worse than what’s been said at any reunion special almost every day, and they just grin and bear it)

At the same time … we all just have to see how this, genuine or not, goes down.

It’s human nature.