The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Nene Leakes GOES OFF on Everyone

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Nene Leakes going OFF on just about everyone was foreshadowed in a recent trailer for The Real Housewives of Atlanta. 

The star delivered one of the most convincing freakouts in the history of the franchise. Let's start from the top of the hour because we have a lot to unpack. 

Nene Leakes Attacks Cameraman

Nene thought it would be a good idea to throw a party called "Bye, Wig," and it meant all of the women had to attend with their natural hair. 

It's a great idea for a party, but would all of the ladies really want to leave their glam locks behind?

Not a chance. 

The day before the big event, however, things took a worrying turn. Nene's husband, Gregg, was sent back to the hospital when a blood clot was revealed to be in his leg. 

Nene Leakes at a Gala

Gregg was worried about the way Nene was acting, so he turned to Cynthia Bailey and Marlo Hampton to get them to check on his wife. 

Marlo instantly made her way to the house and was mad that Nene was not home to greet her with open arms. 

Marlo repaid Nene by showing up late to the party. Nene was ready and waiting for a fight because Marlo had been arguing with her via text message. 

"If you have a friend who's in pain and hurting, how do you come to them yelling and fussing?" NeNe shouted at Marlo.

NeNe Close-Up

"I want you to take this more seriously, because it's bothering me," Marlo shot back, adding: 

"I was in tears. I don't know with the way depression is in this word; people are committing suicide. I don't know what's your breaking point."

"Marlo support me b—, don't f—ing fight me, Nene complained.

"I'm going through every pain. I am your sister, b—; I'm going with a lot of things."

Nene was in tears by this point, and everyone rallied around her. 

Marlo Hampton

"I have definitely seen NeNe go from zero to 100, but this is a total breakdown," Porsha Williams told the camera. "This is probably NeNe at her most vulnerable state."

"I'm not a devastated person," NeNe sobbed. "You know I don't break down in front of people."

"I'm at my breaking point," Nene admitted in a confessional. "I feel like people don't understand. They don't get it."

Nene and Marlo managed to patch things up, and all seemed right in the world. 

But that couldn't be further from the truth. The ladies made their way to Nene's closet and started looking inside, and the embattled housewife flipped out. 

Nene wanted everyone out ... including the Bravo cameras. 

As tensions arose, Nene grabbed a cameraman and threated to "f--k [them] up" if they didn't leave. 

The episode came to a close with screams ringing out. 

Yes, we totally need to wait until next week for more drama. 

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