NeNe Leakes Calls Total BS on Phaedra Parks

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It finally happened on The Real Housewives of Atlanta this week:

Following weeks of questions, rumors and speculation, the cast gathered for part three of their annual reunion special and Porsha Williams at last revealed who told her Kandi Burruss and her husband said they tried to drug and take advantage of her.

(Yes, this was an actual storyline on the show this season.)

To stunned gasps and screams, Porsha pointed the finger at Phaedra Parks.

She said her fellow reality star was the one who leveled such allegations against Kandi and Todd.

Phaedra Parks, Not Impressed

Appearing afterward on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, NeNe Leakes immediately responded to this revelation.

Although she said the idea of Parks as a wannabe snitch who stirs up trouble was anything but a revelation in her experience.

"Phaedra been doing this bullshit for a very long time," Leakes said, on full tilt.

"Phaedra did the exact same thing to me, as we already discussed before, years ago on the show when she first came on. She tried to take me down and it didn't work.

"Phaedra's been doing stuff like this, she just got caught."

NeNe Leakes on Watch What Happens

Later on, the verbal war against Parks was ratcheted yp when a guest asked Leakes to name the "shadiest" Real Housewife from Atlanta.

She didn't need much time to arrive at an answer.

"Clearly it must be Phaedra," Leakes said, adding:

"I think Phaedra a person... that has a way of wanting to be seen one way, but she does all these things behind camera. She's always been that way, this is not anything new.

"It may be new to you guys, but for us who work with her, we've always known her to be that person."

In other words: Parks is a fake. She's a phony. She just basically sucks as a person, according to NeNe.

Watch her answer a question about Phadrea from Cohren below:

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