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Nela Zisser is at it again.

This 23-year old model from New Zealand stunned the Internet last month when she ate a five-pound burrito in under five minutes.

Now, for Zisser’s next feat of strength appetite, she is setting her sights stomach on a five foot-long sandwich from Subway.

"Those first three Subways were really easy, and then when you got to the last two I think it was instant regret of getting only sweet onion sauce on all five subs.

"It was kind of like eating pure sugar," Nela says with a smile just moments after completing the challenge in nine minutes and 17 seconds.

The former Miss New Zealand title holder also known for her ability to consume 50 cheese sticks and 120 chicken McNuggets in record-breaking times.

We’d love to see this peanut butter-eating goat try that!