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On the final episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? before the Season 6 Tell All, many things changed.

Natalie Mordovtseva left Mike Youngquist to move in with her friend, Juliana.

That was filmed months before the Tell All, but it is no surprise that they have not reconciled since then.

In fact, Natalie confirmed that not only did she leave Mike for good, but she moved all of the way to Florida.

As this Tell All sneak peek clip begins, Shaun Robinson states the awkward obvious.

Every time that Natalie and Mike have previously attended a Tell All, their relationship has been uncertain at best.

It’s true — their obvious incompatibilities and communication issues have been a problem all along.

So Shaun has to ask for clarification — it’s part of her job as host.

Noting that Natalie and Mike are seated apart, she asks for their current status.

(The separate seating is both a symbolic gesture and a sefety one, amidst the still-worsening COVID-19 pandemic)

Mike answers first, confirming that they have not reconciled in the many months since Season 6, Episode 15 was filmed.

"I wouldn’t say there was a relationship, at all," he assesses.

"Except for maybe on paper," Mike adds, referring to something that we already knew: Mike and Natalie are apart but not divorced.

The entire room sort of takes its time to process this information.

It’s not stunning — it was widely known, even many weeks ago when this Tell All was filmed.

But we should take note of Julia’s reaction to this. It will be relevant later.

Natalie gives her answer to Shaun’s question for clarification.

Clearly, for a long time, she and Mike were on different pages about their marriage.

For Natalie, the marriage ended in late 2020. For Mike, it was early 2021.

Now, however, the two are clearly on the same page.

"We’re not together," Natalie states bluntly.

"I left," she explains. "I’m not in Washington anymore."

This is when Natalie reveals something else that had long been reported among fans.

She moved as far away from Washington State as she could while remaining within the continental United States.

Showing more bravery than most, she moved to what may be the most widely disliked state in the union.

"I’m in Florida," Natalie shares.

It has long been reported that Natalie is living with a new man in Florida, though parts of that have not been confirmed.

If we want answers, the Tell All might tell us … but so might The Single Life, as Natalie will likely appear on it.

In the background, after this revelation by Natalie, Asuelu asks what everyone is thinking: "With who?"

(Well, obviously, more of us were probably thinking with whom, but Asuelu certainly gets a pass)

Angela simply mutters: "Well, how about that."

Over in Brandon and Julia’s corner, however, things are more hostile.

"Why she didn’t go f–king take her ass back to her country?" Julia asks her husband.

That is quite a loaded question.

Some have wondered if Julia and Natalie had an unseen falling out since the Season 8 Tell All, when they seemed to get along.

Others think that Julia is just picking fights because it’s part of the job — production encourages confrontation at the Tell Alls.

However, there may be a simple psychological reason for Julia’s weird hostility.

An American saying Julia’s line would clearly be xenophobic, treating United States residency as an exclusive privilege.

For Julia to express this deeply weird mentality may simply mean that, as a K-1 immigrant, she is extremely defensive and worries about anyone making the process look fraudulent.

But we should all remember that Mike and Natalie loved each other. If they hadn’t, their fights and breakups would not have been so painful for them.