90 Day Fiance: Andrei Castravet Fights Charlie, Destroys Potthast Family

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90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 6 is over! Well, except for the Tell All.

Episode 15 rounded out the regular episodes of this season with some ugly fights.

Some of these storylines ended with a whimper. Others with a bang.

First up, Chuck's cookout was even more of a disaster than anyone expected, with Andrei and Charlie coming to blows.

They weren't the only two to get physical, and it ended in tears -- Chuck's tears.

Angela brings Skyla to a clinic to talk her into donating an egg for Angela to "tote."

Yara and Jovi deal with the fallout from the night before, and Gwen is totally Team Yara on this.

Asuelu and Kalani are faced with bad news, and Asuelu comes up with an idea to make it even worse.

Natalie returns to Sequim to collect her things, pet her rat, and say some parting words to Mike.

Ronald's bitterness only increases after their post-counseling clash in the parking lot, and then things get even uglier.

1. Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet

Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet
Heading over to the cookout at Chuck's, Andrei is already showing his best attitude. No, really -- for Andrei, this is what a positive and agreeable attitude looks like.

2. Time for the cookout

Time for the cookout
Andrei remarks about how far his relationship with Chuck has come. Given the way that a lot of their bonding took place during the (still ongoing) COVID-19 pandemic, this is his first time at Chuck's house for a celebration since they began getting along.

3. Jenn and Rebecca arrive

Jenn and Rebecca arrive
Jenn notes that Chuck has basically ghosted her lately, which she finds hurtful. Rebecca asks her dad when the last time that he actually interacted with her in a business conversation -- it's been a while. Libby's sisters are feeling iced out by Andrei, and you can see why.

4. Here comes (more) trouble

Here comes (more) trouble
Charlie, for whatever reason, enters saying "I'm back" and "call the cops" and seems to be genuinely out of his mind, like he spent the whole drive getting all worked up. Was he pre-gaming? Was there something that production didn't show us? We don't know.

5. Andrei starts by being his version of friendly

Andrei starts by being his version of friendly
His invitation for that BLEEP, Charlie, to take a seat was met with a "don't tell me what to do." Very mature.

6. Chuck pleads for peace

Chuck pleads for peace
Chuck reminds everyone to please be on their best behavior. Charlie, stop picking fights with Andrei. Andrei, stop calling everyone indecipherable swears that TLC has to bleep.

7. To no avail

To no avail
Andrei stands up suddenly, which is never a great thing unless you've just sat on something unpleasant or realized that you left the oven on. Perhaps what happened next might have been avoided if he had kept his seat. Perhaps not.

8. When push comes to shove

When push comes to shove
Charlie shoves Andrei. From what we can tell from the episode, this is the first physical contact, which means that Charlie started the fight.

9. Okay, wow

Okay, wow
A producer leaps in from the side to try to pry them apart, and he's not the only one. Notably, 90 Day Fiance producers are known for sometimes nudging things along to get the footage that they want. In this case, you can tell that they probably weren't hoping for a mess like this ... because they usually try to avoid having any of themselves visible on screen.

10. It's not a short fight, either

It's not a short fight, either
Multiple people, including Chuck and a very diligent producer, physically pry apart the feuding in-laws, and it's clear that they're still straining to get to each other like feisty dogs on leashes.

11. They're not alone

They're not alone
Libby and Megan are also screaming insults at one another, and allegedly Megan struck Andrei and scratched Libby during the duration of the fight.

12. Charming

Andrei, the very face of calm and reason, makes some very specific threats and seemingly cannot be calmed down at all. No one necessarily blames him for defending himself, but there's more to it than that since he seems to be every bit as frenzied as Charlie, if not more.

13. Also ... what is this line?

Also ... what is this line?
We get that Andrei's talking about how Charlie has been trying to turn Chuck against him, but it ALSO sounds like some sort of romantic spat in a love triangle. Out of context lines sure are funny, huh? As for Chuck, he tells Andrei that if he fights Charlie, they're through.

14. Eventually, Andrei is forced outside

Eventually, Andrei is forced outside
There, Libby tries to talk sense into him, but he's so overwhelmed with aggression that he seems barely able to hear her.

15. Meanwhile, on the other side of the house

Meanwhile, on the other side of the house
Charlie and Megan are yelling at Chuck, of all people, as if Charlie didn't literally just start this just now.

16. Chuck is all torn up over this

Chuck is all torn up over this
He weeps, realizing that his hope of a big reconciliation has just turned into their most toxic conflict, ever. Rebecca and her husband, Thomas (who wisely did not wade into the fray though he clearly considered it) leave on very bad terms, disgusted with what was going on and, for once, maybe at least partially on Andrei's side after what Charlie started. But only a little.

17. Andrei presents an ultimatum

Andrei presents an ultimatum
Speaking to the camera, he says that Chuck needs to choose between him (and Libby) and the rest of Chuck's children.

18. Chuck is left alone in his despair

Chuck is left alone in his despair
Though he clearly knew that there could be some conflict -- no kids were present for this -- he did not expect this.

19. Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi
Angela goes to a fertility clinic with her daughter, Skyla. Michael's sperm is viable according to the clinic that he visited, so Angela is humoring him by exploring this option for herself -- and bringing Skyla.

20. She's still asking for an egg to "tote"

She's still asking for an egg to "tote"
First of all, if being overly warm meant ovulation, some of us would be "ovulating" for 350 days out of the year. Second of all, Skyla has already repeatedly told her no.

21. A very stylish doctor backs up Skyla

A very stylish doctor backs up Skyla
She talks about how Angela's age brings in numerous risk factors. She also discusses how it's no walk in the park for egg donors, either. Sperm donors take 30 seconds to 30 minutes out of their day and they're done. Egg donors can be in pain for weeks as the injections prompt them to release viable eggs. One in twenty end up hospitalized for the pain. That's a hard pass. Besides, if Skyla donated the egg, her younger sibling would also be her biological child.

22. When you put it that way ...

When you put it that way ...
Angela laughs over how messy her family dynamic could have been. However, she also claims to worry about the future of her marriage to Michael if this falls through.

23. Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya

Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya
Yara is holding baby Mylah and greets the best MIL on the franchise, Gwen. They are still in Miami, and Yara is still reeling from the night before.

24. Where's Jovi?

Where's Jovi?
Yara admits that she's not sure where Jovi is, because he did not sleep there the night before. As you may recall, their dinner date turned into a trip to a strip club after Jovi repeatedly accused Yara of not being fun. She agreed, but when Jovi refused to leave when she was ready to go, she was mad. There was also an alleged slap at the time, though fans have noted that we seem to have seen footage of two takes -- indicating that production had their finger on the scale and what would normally be a very upsetting act of partner violence may have been staged. The core conflict, however, is very real, and so was the anger.

25. Gwen is horrified

Gwen is horrified
She tells the camera that when Yara first came to the US, Gwen was unsure of her because, hey, this woman she'd never met was suddenly marrying her son. Now, however, she knows Yara's heart ... and it's her own son's intentions that she doubts. When Jovi does arrive, Gwen tells him in no uncertain terms that he needs to grow up.

26. Jovi spent the night in a different hotel room

Jovi spent the night in a different hotel room
He sees himself as having been in the right. He thought that Yara would enjoy visiting a strip club for as long as he did, felt that it was reasonable to want her to go with him and have a good time, and clearly still feels that Yara (who is caring for their baby) isn't as fun as she used to be (when she did not have a baby).

27. Gwen takes Mylah and the two go to the beach to talk

Gwen takes Mylah and the two go to the beach to talk
Yara's position is clear -- Jovi needs to grow up so that they can be effective parents for their baby. There are many ways to have fun that don't involve staying out until dawn, going to strip clubs, and drinking. Yara used to do a lot of that but now she has moved on to care for a newborn, but Jovi has not.

28. They talk

They talk
Yara explains that Jovi is acting like he's not interested in being married. Jovi feels like Yara is creating problems on purpose and fighting for no reason. He does sort-of apologize and she sort-of accepts it. Jovi explains that this is not at all how he imagined that their life together would be.

29. Well, of course it is

Well, of course it is
Yara explains that she changed because she's a mom and because she's in a new place. If he's unhappy with her, he doesn't have to be with her, she reminds him.

30. Yara is having a hard time

Yara is having a hard time
She notes that she left her family behind, her friends behind, in Ukraine. This is hard for her, especially with Jovi away for half of the time. And then, when he's home, he's so interested in being a party boy.

31. Yara has expectations

Yara has expectations
Jovi should love her and their daughter more than he loves partying. If he wanted to keep up his bachelor lifestyle, he could have remained a bachelor.

32. Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa

Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa
They are still reeling from the heated conflict with Asuelu's mother, Lesina, and sister, Tammy.

33. Asuelu, yes!

Asuelu, yes!
He tells Kalani that he's done with his sister, Tammy. However, he says that it would be "hard" to not see his mom again.

34. However, Lisa has some bad news

However, Lisa has some bad news
Kalani's mother tells them that she's tired of being so far from Low when he's working, and he has a hard time with being alone when he is working -- in California. So she plans on uprooting to move closer to where he works, which means selling the house ... and so Kalani and Asuelu, who rely on Lisa for childcare and who do not have their own place, will have to come up with something.

35. Asuelu hangs out with his friend, Tui

Asuelu hangs out with his friend, Tui
Tui says that Asuelu reminds him of others whom he has met who freshly arrived some Samoa, calling him "naive" after living a relatively simple life. He also (possibly after a suggestion by production, possibly on his own) asks Asuelu if he's ever considered moving back to Samoa with his family.

36. It's like a lightbulb goes off

It's like a lightbulb goes off
Suddenly, Asuelu latches onto this laughably bad idea and wonders if the simple living could solve their financial problems while proximity could help him bond with his mom. He also clearly hopes that Samoan culture will brainwash Kalani into being submissive and obedient to his needs.

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