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90 Day Fiance fans are already bracing themselves for the Tell All.

Angela Deem flashes the camera, giving viewers enough nightmare fuel to last many years.

But she has some more low-key, toned down moments.

In one, she sobs after expressing how hurt she felt by Michael Ilesanmi’s behavior after her surgeries.

In this sneak peek clip for Part 1 of the Season 6 Tell All, Michael Ilesanmi participated remotely.

From his seat in Nigeria, he explained that he eventually allowed Angela to get her surgery.

"The reason why I accepted the surgery was due to her health," he said.

"You know, she told me about it," Michael continued.

"That’s what made me, you know, calm down to accept the surgery," he said.

Angela did not like what he had to say, or agree with how he characterized himself.

“I really did think that you would take care of me emotionally," Angela expressed.

She explained: "‘cause it’s an emotional roller-coaster."

"And then he started complaining," Angela recalled.

Angela accused Michael of "making fun of me."

As an example, she accused that Michael would say things "like my t–s were too small."

“He would make fun and make fun," Angela alleged. "That was very painful.” 

Angela was clearly emotional during this, with her castmates appearing sympathetic.

Michael attempted to soothe her.

He reminded her that they are "OK now" as a couple in their marriage, and offered an apology.

“I really thought I was gonna die, like, really,” Angela said while sobbing.

“He doesn’t get it. He’s 33, I’m 55," she added.

"I possibly could not be alive when he gets here," Angela added.

"All of this we put up with," Angela poitned out.

"And," she continued, "he’s not gonna make it because I’m not gonna make it.”

That certainly sounds like an age-appropriate fear for a grandmother to have.

Of course, as many fans have noted, Angela’s surgery doesn’t appear to have been as health-motivated as she has claimed.

Angela cited her health concerns, and how easily winded she was, as motivation for wanting a series of cosmetic procedures.

But rapid weight loss can take a health toll just as great as extra weight. And that’s not all. …

Angela Deem smokes and blames her husband for it again

Angela has continued to smoke, over the objections of her surgeons, without apology or any sign of slowing down.

We all watched her smoke her "last" cigarette.

That of course was a joke. She continues to smoke, and to blame Michael for her smoking.

Angela Deem smokes in the kitchen like it's the purge

This brings us to the bigger issue with Angela — her behavior.

Both on screen and off camera, Angela acts in an atrocious manner.

Of particular concern is Angela’s emotional and verbal abuse of Michael, her husband.

Angela Deem screams that she's an American

Viewers understand that people are naturally going to get upset, even in realtionships with loved ones.

We are also very well aware that some on-screen behavior is there for the camera’s benefit.

Angela’s inexcusable misbehavior, however, comes so naturally to her and is to such extremes that it does not appear fake at all.

While most of Angela’s outrageous abuse is directed at Michael, we also see this in the promo for the Tell All.

Angela’s sob story, whether genuine or simply crocodile tears, will be followed by her yelling at his relatives, flashing the camera.

Perhaps some fans will fall for her ploy for sympathy. Many viewers, however, have had enough.