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How awesome are dogs?!?

We know this is a question with an obvious answer, but it’s still worth bringing up in light of our latest viral doggy video.

Unlike past pieces of memorable footage, this one doesn’t feature a canine reuniting with its owner after two years apart.

Nor does it depict a puppy experiencing every sad emotion in the book upon watching Mufasa die in The Lion King.

So, what does it make is so special?

It introduces viewers to Reggie, a three-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier, whose owner says doesn’t chase cats or dogs or anything like that.

So, what does Reggie bonkers? The local ice cream man and his truck.

“There’s been times when I’ve heard the van and I can’t find Reggie – but I know where he’ll be,” the owner told The Daily Express. “He’ll be at the ice cream van.”

And that’s where he is in this video.

But he’s not about to cut any lines. Reggie may be a hungry dog, but he’s also a patient one.

Watch him stand patiently behind two girls before placing his order below. We love it!