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It took some time before Natalie realized that she needed to forgive Mike.

But moving past his past transgressions, real or imagined, may have come too late to save their relationship.

In this sneak peek for Sunday’s new 90 Day Fiance, Mike is dragging his heels.

They have just three weeks before the wedding, and the pandemis has begun. Is it already too late?

Natalie Mordovtseva - do I have to?

Shortly after Natalie Mordovtseva arrived in Sequim, Washington, Mike "offered" to take her fishing.

There are people who would love to go fishing in the woods of the Pacific Northwest.

Natalie was less than enthused … but it seems that Mike decided to go through with it.

In this sneak peek for Episode 13, the two are fishing in the boreal forests of rural Washington.

"My visa expires in three weeks," Natalie reminds Mike.

Acknowledging the new, horrible state of the world, she adds: "With coronavirus."

"I don’t know how we can get married now," Natalie confesses.

In the uncertainty early in the pandemic, she asks if "all courts gonna be closed?"

Natalie affirms: "I don’t want to be unlegal, honestly, I don’t."

"It’s out of our control," Mike says as if beginning to chant.

It’s true that the virus and resulting lockdown measures were beyond his control.

However, if the two wanted to be proactive and pursue a legal marriage ASAP … that’s up to him.

"I know there’s a lot of stuff on your mind right now," Mike says.

"But," he tells her, "we need to keep making progress."

Gotta be honest — I do not love the way that he seems to act like this urgency is a quirk of Natalie’s.

"Otherwise, there’s no wedding, you know?" Mike continues.

He continues, reminding her: "It’s a lot to weigh on, OK?"

Generally, that kind of weighing is done before applying for the K-1 visa, not three weeks before the wedding must take place.

Natalie Mordovtseva Pouts in the Woods

Speaking to the camera in a quasi-confessional, Mike says: "I’ve been trying to tell her I’m not gonna do anything I’m not ready for."

"And with all the s–t going along right now, I mean, f–k," he expresses.

Mike then echoes how many of us were feeling almost one year ago: "I don’t know how every day can go, you know?"

Mike Youngquist Speaks to the Camera in the Woods

"We’ve had some rough stretches here," Mike understates while speaking to Natalie.

"So," he reasons, "keep moving forward, okay?"

Sure … but three weeks away from the K-1 visa’s deadline, they need to call it one way or the other.

Photo via TLC

Natalie has her turn to speak to the cameras.

She acknowledges that, well, things could be going much better with Mike than they are.

When she’s with Mike, she wants him to at least acknowledge that their relationship is "progressing."

To the camera, Natalie makes it clear that she understands what’s going on.

"He’s not ready to plan wedding at all," she laments.

"Along with COVID," Natalie notes, "I don’t know what to do."

"So, I wait," Natalie says with resignation.

"Do I have any other options? No, I don’t," she admits.

That is a grim way to look at anything, but especially a marriage.

"It takes two people to get married," Natalie comments.

She is absolutely right.

Mike and Natalie must communicate honestly and get on the same page if they want this to last.