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90 Day Fiance: Love Games may be a bit of a misnomer, and not just because Colt is on a team with his mom.

Larissa and Eric’s participation, as you can see in this clip, seems to be more about hate.

Even through a screen, Larissa and her ex-husband Colt cannot stand each other.

After Colt’s negging, Larissa curses him out and storms off camera.

Larissa Lima: The Queen Takes a Bath
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As this clip of 90 Day Fiance: Love Games begins, Colt Johnson is attacking his ex-wife’s ego.

He accuses her of blocking the Instagram accounts of his and Debbie’s cats.

Colt also accuses her of blocking fans simply for following said cats.

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"I don’t block people," Larissa fires back.

She continues: "I block people snooking."

We assume that she means snooping, but that is a little unclear.

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Larissa tries to explain that she tries to cut off anything too closely linked to Colt and Debbie.

Her reason is that she doesn’t want "an environment," though it’s unclear what she meant by that.

Presumably, she means that she is trying to cultivate a following of people who are not fans of her ex.

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"You have an enemies list larger than Richard Nixon," Colt quips.

(Did he workshop that ahead of time?)

However, Larissa is quick to point out how widely liked she is.

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Larissa reminds Colt and Debbie — angrily — that thousands of people have paid for Cameos from her.

She even shares that some fans have named children after her — Larissa for a girl, Larry for a boy.

"So, I believe I’m more loved based on my count of followers, in my amount of Cameos," Larissa states.

Larissa Lima Discusses OnlyFans on YouTube

Colt and Debbie fire back, mocking Larissa’s claim that she’s liked.

They also note (not incorrectly) that follower count on social media does not equate to being a good person.

True, but not what Larissa was saying, right? She was just noting that she gets a lot of love.

Colt Johnson Sits and Thinks
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Larissa is unhappy as the attacks continue, announcing: "I’m not going to do a second Tell All here."

(Infamously, her final Tell All was extremely hostile, though the stars are obligated to feud if they want to be rehired)

Eventually, Larissa’s anger boils over and she yells "F–k your mouth!"

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Eric, who of course was still dating Larissa when this was filmed, tries to get her to calm down, but to no avail.

"Shut up, b–ch. Stop living my life. Go live their lives. F–k you," Larissa declares.

"You want to hear that?" Larissa asks. "F–k you."

Debbie Johnson Feeds Colt Johnson Breakfast

"I’m out, because this motherf–ker don’t shut his damn mouth," Larissa says of her ex-husband, Colt.

She tries to turn off the camera and, when that attempt fails, she storms away.

Eric is left awkwardly seated there before he makes an excuse and ducks away.

Larissa Lima Wears Pink on YouTube
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When this was filmed, Larissa was working on avoiding stress.

At the time, she was anticipating another round of cosmetic surgeries — one that she went through in August.

She hoped to avoid unnecessary stress before then … clearly, filming this was a major stresser for everyone involved.