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As Season 7 of 90 Day Fiance continues, we’re getting closer to Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio’s wedding.

After an awkward scene in which he and Juliana discussed assets and a prenup with a mediator, Michael is shaming the show and calling it BS.

Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio Have Had Enough

Earlier this week, viewers got a deeply awkward glimpse at Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio.

They sat down with a professional mediator to help fairly has out their plans for the more practical side of marriage.

Juliana is a model, while Michael is a businessman with a number of companies. He has children and significant assets.

An honest look at their respective finances and hashing out their plans for the future is a good idea.

Things get especially awkward when the mediator asks Juliana if she’s told Michael what her income is.

She admits that she stopped working a few months ago. You know, because Michael was paying for her whole life.

This isn’t a revelation to Michael, but it’s just awkward to talk about with a stranger, especially on camera.

Michael did not like how that scene played out or was depicted on TV at all.

"This is the biggest bunch of manufactured bulls–t…." Michael furiously accused on Instagram.

He added: "Shame on you Sharp Entertainment and TLC."

It’s not clear if the trip to the mediator was concocted purely for the show.

However, it seems clear that Michael is irritated at the uncomfortable editing that he and his then-fiancee received.

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"Tonight’s episode and really last week sort of planted the seeds," Michael said on Intagram Live, referring to prenup discourse.

He speculated: "And I think next week we’re going to see more of this stuff."

“It’s been a little difficult for us, to be quite honest," Michael admitted.

"You know, look, it’s a reality TV show," he notes. "We’re not paid actors."

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"There’s certainly a lot of liberties that are taken in the filming of this and that’s all well and good and it’s fun and games," Michael said.

"But I gotta say, Sarah and Juliana and myself," he expressed, "we appreciate all the positivity and support because we are living real lives here."

"Prenuptial agreement, is it important? Is it something people should consider? Yeah, of course," Michael emphasized.

"For our situation, is it important? I guess. I don’t know," he added. "I won’t give any spoilers. You’ll see how this plays out next week"

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With regard to being on the show, Michael said: "Was this the right decision for us to make? I don’t know."

"That remains to be seen, okay. We don’t know,” he admitted. “Here we are, we’re halfway through the season."

"And we’re at an arc in the narrative that I’m sure the network and the production company is happy with," Michael suggested.

He adds: "Unfortunately, it’s just, there’s a fine line."

Michael and Juliana for 90 Day Fiance Season 7

"This is still our real lives,” Michael went on. “But when there’s such distortions of concepts that are happening in our life."

He continued: "And end up not only misrepresenting who we are but actually affecting our lives."

Michael expressed: "That’s something that becomes upsetting."

We can understand that.

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In other words, Michael insisted from the start that TLC not give him a villain edit.

It appears that, instead, producers are giving him and Juliana an awkward edit in which it appears that Juliana is hungry for his cash.

A prenup is a normal part of getting married, a useful tool that Millennials are using because it’s a smart move, and it’s not just for rich people.

Of course producers are making it look more tense than it actually was. That’s their literal job. We’ll see how the rest of the season goes.