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The Real Housewives of New Jersey is back and already boasting no shortage of drama.

Luis Ruelas has had a lot of people concerned given his relationship history, and that was before that weird video of him surfaced.

In a new interview, Melissa Gorga opens up about her sister-in-law’s romance.

She says that Teresa made Luis’ scandal worse when she tried to "help." She’s right.

Melissa Gorga spoke to Page Six about how Teresa Guidice didn’t actually keep a lid on things as she had hoped.

“It was the whole Teresa trying to protect the situation and not discuss it that actually made it worse,” she shared.

Melissa teased that Luis would eventually open up to the cast, on camera, to settle the matter.

Luis Ruelas with Teresa

“I was so happy [when he addressed it]," Melissa revealed.

"I’m like, ‘Thank you!’" she expressed. "Because I don’t want to talk about him."

"I really don’t," Melissa emphasized, though it’s unclear if she meant to be shady in the process.

Melissa Gorga Looks Upset

"I don’t want to discuss his issues or whatever happened in his past," Melissa stressed.

There was a lot to discuss, given how his exes described him.

"And I was sick of my castmates talking about it,” she emphasized.

Luis Ruelas and Girlfriend

“Because if my sister-in-law’s happy, then I’m happy," Melissa declared.

"I’m like, ‘Leave her in her love bubble, please! Let her be happy.’” she announced.

That is a healthy and, frankly, self-serving attitude to have, but it’s understandable that she doesn’t want a cranky Tre.

In June of 2021, the odd "shirtless boot camp" video of Luis circulated.

Luis appears to beg for the forgiveness of an unidentified mystery woman.

He is encouraged during this by a group of not-fully-dressed men, who tell him to tell her what’s on his "heart" and not his "f–king brain."

Teresa and Louie

Folks on social media have branded this as a "warrior camp."

“I’m coming home to see you to get engaged and bring our family together," Luis is heard saying in the video.

"And," Luis continues during the deeply weird clip, "finally get married and have a life together."

Melissa Gorga Cannot Believe This

Melissa is the first admit that the whole thing is strange and unsettling.

“Honestly, it was a little out there at first [with] all the men in the background," she acknowledged.

"If you don’t know this sort of thing or what kind of camp he was at or whatever it was," Melissa said, "you’re kind of like, ‘Whoa, what is this?’”

“Listen, we all have had our moments with exes, right?" Melissa said.

"We’ve all had times where we look like a complete fool over our exes," she asserted.

"So, unfortunately he had a moment," Melissa characterized, "and everyone’s talking about it.”

Melissa Gorga Won't Be Held Back

Even so, Melissa said that Luis has demonstrated that he is a "great match" for Teresa, warts and all.

Yes, she has heard about him being a sex-crazed satyr who drove his exes to the brink of sanity.

“No one has a bigger past than Teresa, let’s be real,” Melissa understated.

Luis Ruelas and Teresa Giudice

“But the past is the past … We need to judge people off what we see now," Melissa insisted, "and I’m big on that."

"He’s going to be my brother-in-law," she pointed out.

Melissa expressed: "I want him to come in with open arms."

"I want him to prove to us who he is," Melissa stated in the interview.

"I don’t want to read something that somebody’s putting on the internet and judge him by it," she explained.

"So," Melissa concluded, "I didn’t do that.”