Meghan McCain Mocks Kourtney Kardashian: Who Cares If You're 40? You're RICH!

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The endless squabbling on The View is really taking its toll on Meghan McCain lately. 

The latest rumors allege that the embattled conservative host may even leave the show.

But a recent episdoe of The View saw Meghan briefly bonding with co-host Whoopi Goldberg over one of America's favorite pastimes -- judging the Kardashians!

Kourtney Kardashian Konfesses on Season 16

During the episode, the girls previewed a clip from the upcoming season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

The clip showed an emotional exchange bewtween Kourtney and Khloe, in their usual opulent surroundings.

Kourtney gets a little misty while she discusses turning 40, as the audience erupts into peels of laughter in the background.

"I just always wish I had more time," Kourtney says about the occasion.

"Don't we all..." her sister responds knowingly.

"But, I feel like I want to cry," Kourtney continues, her voice begining to break.

Kourtney Kardashian Cries About Turning 40

"I have so much, and I should just be so happy," Kourtney acknowledges through her tears.

"But you're not happy?" Khloe inquires.

"I mean I am," Kourtney clarifies.

She continues, struggling to put her emotions into words, "But then sometimes I'm just like, it makes you really like, analyze just like where you're at."

"And then I'm like, sometimes like, 'What am I doing?'" Kourtney blubbers, wiping away tears.

Whoopi Goldberg is Floored

The show then cuts back to The View's clearly unsympathetic audience as they erupt into cheers.

Whoopi Goldberg has to climb out of her chair and lie down, literally floored by the clip's stupidity. 

Whoopi's fellow hosts had similar, if less dramatic reactions.

"On the one hand she wants more time," Joy Behar chimes in, "but then she says she's miserable."

"So what do you want more time for?" Joy wonders aloud.


Co-host Sunny Hostin was the only one with a shred of sympathy.

"She's upset because she's turning 40," Sunny explains, "and she's reevaluating her life."

"But they say life begins at 40," Joy counters, "so she should get with the program."

She continues, "It starts at 40. It doesnt end at 40."

Joy and Sunny concur that one's 40s are a good age to be, while the audience cheers in agreement.

Sunny Hostin Has Tea to Spill

But it's Meghan McCain who truly seizes this rare opportunity to agree with her liberal co-stars, while also low-key bragging about herself.

"I'm with Whoopi on this." Meghan prefaces.

"Not to be like Debbie Downer on this," she says, but goes on, "you have all the money, all the opportunities, life advantages in the entire world."

Meghan points out that meanwhile, "There are people who can't feed their children."

To nitpick for a moment, Kourtney doesn't have all the life advantages; she's not male, or young anymore. But okay Meghan.

The Kardashians do regularly come under fire for flaunting their wealth in ways that ordinary folks find obscene.

Meghan McCain Gesticulates

"I do not feel bad for her," Meghan continues.

"Come on!" she exclaims, "Have some self-reflection on this. It's a bad look for you, Kourtney,"

"Do you know what helps me when I feel sorry for myself?" Meghan offers. And then, the high-roading begins.

"Running with veterans who have lost limbs for our country," she says.

"Seeing people, homeless people, who have much less than me," Meghan adds.

So, it helps you feel better when you're surrounded by the misfortune of others? We see what you're going for Meghan, but maybe rephrase that.

Whoopi Goldberg Thinks This is Stupid

"There are ways to make yourself feel better and know how blessed we all are," Meghan points out.

"And the Kardashians are worth $100 million if not more," she estimates, "Billions. Whatever. I don't know."

Basically Meghan's point is that Kourtney has so much going for her that she's not entitled to ever feel like something is missing. 

But though it looks like the four hosts are about to agree on something for a change, Joy is quick to tell Meghan she missed the point.

Meghan McCain Laughs

"It's an inside job," Joy says, refering to the way people feel about turning 40.

She goes on to explain that "It has nothing to do with how much money you've got, and how many diamond rings."

Or, she concludes, "how big your behind is."

Kourtney Kardashian Answers

It seems like even when the girls generally agree, someone is contractually obligated to find a reason to argue with Meghan.

The thing is, everyone who's lucky enough to live into their 40s at some point has to confront some heavy life issues.

It's a time in our lives that people see as aging out of our prime, and women especially have to deal with that perceived loss of vitality.

It forces us to think about how we're going to die someday, and all the things we have yet to accomplish in our lives, and may never get to.

It's heavy stuff, ok? So to all the hosts of The View, please just chill and let Kourtney feel her feelings for minute.

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