Khloe Kardashian Claps Back at Mom-Shamers: I CHOOSE to Spoil My Daughter!

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When it comes to fending off Internet haters, Khloe Kardashian is no shrinking violet. She's a pro's pro.

When it's an issue she cares about, Khloe is totally willing to defend herself and set the record straight with HER TRUTH.

Khloe did just that this weekend after she came under fire from mom-shamers accusing her of spoiling her daughter True.

True with Mommy

Khloe is known for lavishing her affection on True with the sweetest presents, outfits, and parties.

It may seem a little excessive, but that's the Kardashian way. 

On Saturday Khlow posted an Instagram video of True checking out her latest gift, a brand new car!

True Thompson in Her First Car

Okay, so it's not a real car. But it is pink, and sparkly, and pratty dang cute.

True is now the proud owner of a toy Bently GT convertable, made by Luxury Kids Car Club.

Their website describes their products as "Ultra Exclusive Cars For Kids."

Starting at $2,000, and with a ton of pricey optional features, this toy Bentley could easily cost more than a lot of people's actual car.

As the wage gap in this country soars ever onward to terrifying new heights, it makes sense that some found Khloe's gift a bit tasteless.

But this was on social media, so in lieu of respectful discussions, we get sanctimonious lectures from mom-shamers.

Khloe Responds to Mom-shamer

"Great, another Kardashian in a Bentley," wrote one angry commentor.

"You are so oblivious to how your spending looks to the outside world," the commentor went on.

"I really loved your family's story," they added, "and now just can't bare to watch as you spend all this money on worthless materialism."

"It's so sad," the commentor concluded.

Khloe Kardashian is in Confessional

Khloe must have felt pretty attacked by this to respond at all, but when she did, she responded with a poise and grace she isn't always able to muster.

"Umm, you know this is not a real Bentley?" Khloe replied, "It's a toy."

"No reason to get sad over a baby in a toy car," she asserted.

"Either way I'm sorry you feel that way," Khloe added.

Trying to keep things positive, she went on, "I hope you have a great weekend!"

"Focus on things that make you happy! Smile," she concluded, adding a smiley face emoji.

Khloe Kardashian Holds True on Her First Birthday

The mom-shamer apparently appreciated Khloe's tact, because their next response took a much friendlier tone.

"Appreciate you responding," they wrote, "Just figured it's something to be thinking about."

The commentor continued, "You have so much influence and know you've had a positive impact on so many."

The concluded, "Always ways we can improve as people, though - myself 100% included."

Look at that newfound respect!

Khloe responded once more, to share her truth about spoling her daughter.

Khloe Kardashian Celebrates Birthday Girl True

"I appreciate this message more than your first," she began, adding that she was also able to better digest the commentor's point.

"I hear you," she said.

But she didn't quite agree, countering "I personally don't believe that all we do is spend money on worthless materialsim."

Khloe went on to explain that she can sleep well at night because she knows she is a good person, and "Life is all about balance."

"Yes, I do choose to spoil my daughter," Khloe admitted, both "with love and as well as with material items."

But Khloe concluded "She will also be raised with values, responsibilities, chores, respect, self love."

True Thompson Visits a Garden

It seems like Khloe knows that it's not just about gifts with kids. There are important lessons we must pass down to our children. 

But, gifts are nice too. And if you can totally spoil your child and still raise them to be a good human being, more power to you!

Khloe handled this hater really well, and turned the interaction into something almost friendly.

This is a great example of how we can forge new connections by responding to negativity with kindness.

It doesn't always work, and it's important to recognize those moments too when they come up.

But it's so nice to see an Internet clap-back turn into a chance for two strangers to understand each other a bit better.

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