Mary Jo Eustace: Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott FAKED His Affair!

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From the moment news broke that Dean McDermott was cheating on Tori Spelling with a Toronto-based mistress named Emily Goodhand, rumors began to circulate online that the whole thing was fake.

Too many details just didn't make sense, and to this day, Ms. Goodhand remains the Big Foot of celebrity side-pieces. No one has ever even seen a photo of her.

Tori and Dean deny faking the affair for publicity, but we're pretty sure the number of people who believe them is exactly zero.

Thankfully, Dean's first wife is a real no-nonsense type and she's been giving some awesomely revealing interviews to Radar Online to promote her upcoming memoir. 

Today, Mary Jo was asked for her theory on the elusive Ms. Goodhand, and her response is amusing, if not exactly surprising:

“It just seemed like it was not true. It was just pretty hilarious, because apparently what I heard was that the press was so bad for her, she had to leave Toronto and go to Paris and start a life all over again.

"Which made no sense to me. And you know those mistresses, when they come out of the woodwork, they get a vodka deal or something happens. They leverage it. It just made absolutely no sense.”

Watch the clip below for more of Mary Jo's thoughts on her douchey ex and his trainwreck wife. 

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