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Just before the weekend hit, news broke that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez might split.

The couple quickly denied the report, which came alongside news of A-Rod’s alleged affair with Madison LeCroy.

Now, her castmate Shep Rose is sharing that Madison wasn’t hiding the relationship while filming.

In fact, he says that Bravo edited out part of the scandal because Madison had signed an NDA.

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As you can hear in the clip accompanying this article, Shep Rose was a guest on Radio Andy.

"Here’s how it went down," Shep described to Andy Cohen.

"We had an episode on Capers Island," he detailed, setting the stage.

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"I don’t know if anybody remembers that," Shep noted, "but we were all out at the beach and it was lovely."

"And she threw the party," he said, referring to Madison LeCroy.

"And Austin wasn’t invited," Shep acknowledged, "and it was like contentious and whatnot."

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"And on the ride home, it got kinda heated, between everyone really," Shep recalled, "except for me."

"And she said on camera, there’s camera’s buzzing around we’re on a boat," he described.

Shep continued: "And she’s like, ‘well, I’m DMing and with A-Rod, but we can’t talk about that.’"

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According to Shep, Madison told them: "’Or they can’t air this because I signed an NDA.’"

"And that’s the first I heard of it," he revealed.

Shep expressed: "And I was like, ‘Oh my God,’ my eyes almost popped out of my head."

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"But hey, you know," Shep emphasized, "I think from what I understand, he approached her."

"But, you know, NDA is a weird little document, isn’t it?" he remarked.

"I’m not sure how effective they are," Shep admitted. That can vary due to many factors.

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"And I’m not sure if I signed one in any capacity, I would be talking about it very much," Shep admitted.

He explained that he would likely keep quiet "for my own preservation."

It is unclear if Bravo excluded the footage to protect Madison, or to prevent the show itself from being sued.

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"I guess it was Craig who sort of let that cat out of the bag," Shep mused.

It was Craig who brought up Madison’s alleged affair with a high-profile sportsball player, unnamed at the time.

"And it didn’t take long for the internet or whatever to sleuth the answers," Shep observed, "which it never does, does it?"

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Last week, it was reported that Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez were quietly working to divide their assets to prepare for a split.

However, A-Rod responded to the report by racing to see J-Lo in the Dominican Republic, where she is filming Shotgun Wedding.

The famous athlete made a very deliberate and public post about going to see her, sharing the view from his flight on Monday.

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TMZ reports that one major reason that the two suddenly seem interested in reconciliation is their kids.

The children were reportedly not aware that A-Rod and J-Lo were having problems.

Since the couple themselves weren’t prepared for the news to break, they wanted to put on a good show for their four children.

J. Lo vs. A. Rod

Jennifer has 13-year-old twins, Emme and Max.

A-Rod has two daughters, 16-year-old Natasha and 12-year-old Ella.

All of them were apparently devastated by what has been described as an emergency family meeting that took place on Friday.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez Throwback

"There were many tears," TMZ‘s source characterized the children’s reactions to news of a possible breakup.

On Saturday, the troubled couple simply announced: "We are working through some things."

They claim that there is no third party involved in their relationship problems. Right now, they are focused on their kids.