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This week’s new episode of 90 Day Fiance didn’t include Brandon, Julia, or any of the nightmare farm.

When we last saw their storyline, it seemed like Brandon was even losing interest in Julia.

But Julia and Betty both appeared on 90 Day Bares All, airing on the Discovery Plus streaming app.

In new footage, Betty’s Bates Motel vibes were even grosser and more overt than we’ve ever seen.

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90 Day Fiance couples do not simply materialize out of thin air.

They show their interest in the show and even send in audition tapes.

The couples share their love stories, but also the reasons that they might be worth watching.

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Julia Trubkina tuned in to Bares All as a guest.

There, Shaun Robinson played clips from her audition tape for the very first time.

She also played pieces of Betty’s tape … as Mommy Dearest laid down the house rules.

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"Even back then," Shaun says ominously, "Betty made it clear that in her house, it’s her rules."

"The way I look at it, it’s my house," Betty says with what she imagines is a light and carefree tone.

"And," she continues, "she needs to try and assimilate into our lifestyle."

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"She can’t come upset the applecart," Betty expresses in a folksy manner.

She adds: "As to what we do and what we have and what we’ve built."

"If goes awry and I feel something’s not quite right," Betty warns, "I’ll be the first to say something."

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"We live with parents," Julia says in her own audition video, followed by a dramatic gasp.

"I think this is very big problem," she accurately predicts.

"Because two girl, live one room and have one kitchen?" Julia describes. "Ah, not good."

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"I am not guest," Julia emphasizes. "I am future wife." (She is, in fact, both)

"And of course," she reveals, "mother jealous."

Julia explains Betty’s jealousy: "Because him, one son."

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"I’m first girl now," Julia announces, precisely predicting her future conflicts.

This contrasts perfectly with Betty’s Jocasta impression in her own video.

"I still want to be number one in his life," Betty says, like that’s normal.

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Betty insists that she wants to remain number one "even when she’s here."

"Whether that happens," she acknowledges, "I guess that will be up to Brandon and Julia."

"You come into our house," Betty rambles elsewhere in the recording. "It’s our house, it’s our rules."

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"You can push us so far," Betty predicts, "but at a certain point, it’s gonna be … no, you just hit the brick wall."

"As long as it still has our name on the door," she insists, "it still kinda has to be our way."

What a charming, welcoming attitude to have that any normal person would believe and say. (That, folks, is sarcasm)

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The clip ends and Julia lets out a very audible laugh.

It is very likely that neither she nor Betty had previously seen each other’s audition material.

We know Julia’s reaction — a laugh — but what, one wonders, does Betty think?

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Has she mellowed out now that Brandon is free?

That, we don’t know.

But Julia does confirm of her mother-in-law: "She’s number 2, I’m sorry."