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The Real Housewives of New York City fans know the yearly reunion special is our last chance to see the cast get dressed to the nines and totally flip out on each other. 

Bethenny Frankel’s brush with death stole the show during the Real Housewives of New York City season 11 finale.

But it looks like it’ll be Luann versus everybody in the reunion.

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The teaser trailer for the three-part RHONY season 11 reunion special was just released, and it looks like it’ll be as full of drama as we could hope.

This teaser plays it by the book with a dizzying array of rapid cuts, never showing us more than a couple seconds of footage at a time.

But we’ve definitely seen plenty of juicy moments to look forward to.

Most of these moments involve pretty much every other housewife airing their beef with Luann de Lesseps.

"You’ll all attack me later," Luann says, already prepared for the coming onslaught.

"Get on your boxing gloves, it’s fine," she adds.

Luann de Lesseps at Season 11 Reunion

One of the main gripes the girls have with Luann concerns her very public stuggle with sobriety.

Luann was arrested in 2017 for disorderly intoxication (among other crimes), and almost went back to jail when she failed an alcohol test in May.

"As you know, I slipped," Luann admits in the trailer.  And the housewives are here to call her out for it. 

"You failed yourself," says Ramona Singer, pointing an accusatory finger at the countess.

"Give me a break," Luann protests.

"I’m not gonna give you a f—ing break!" Ramona snaps back at her.

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At one point Barbara Kavovit dismisses Luann’s vocal talents.

"I mean you’re not Adele, Luann," Barbara points out.

It’s a low blow for Luann, who is passionate about her work as a cabaret singer. 

"Take that and shove it up your ass," Luann claps back.

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We can expect to see Dorinda Medley check Luann on her notorious fish room freakout.

"How dare you put me in the fish room?!" Dorinda wails mockingly.

Bethenny sure got a kick out of that one. 

The accompanying press release also mentions an argument between Bethenny and Luann over whether she was being followed by paparazzi.

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Clearly Luann had a particularly messy year, but fans can expect the other housewives to get their moments in the spotlight as well.

Bethenny will address the recent death of erstwhile boyfriend Dennis Shields.

Dennis died of an apparent drug overdose in August, and Bethenny has understandably been struggling with the loss.

During the reunion, Bethenny will tearfully confront Ramona for her insensitive comments about Dennis’ death.

"Oh gosh, that’s terrible," Ramona admits in the trailer.

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We will also see Bethenny come for Tinsley Mortimer because she doesn’t actually live in New York!

"You don’t live in New York," Bethenny reminds Tinsley pointedly, "let’s just not get it twisted."

"It doesn’t matter," Tinsley argues.

"It does matter!" Bethenny retorts.

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The drama level is high for all the girls, but it looks like fans can expect some lighthearted moments too.

At one point, we’ll get to see Luann literally kiss Bethenny’s ass as she shakes it in the countess’ face.

And we know at some point Ramona will abruptly flee the set, saying she has to pee.

"I didn’t want a s–t-show!" exclaims a frustrated Ramona in the teaser.

Well, we did, Ramona. And looks like we’re going to get it!

The Real Housewives of New York City season 11 reunion special airs July 11th on Bravo.