Duane Chapman Praises Beth: The Sexiest Woman I Ever Touched

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This week, beloved Dog's Most Wanted star Beth Chapman passed away after years of battling throat cancer.

Her entire family is grieving this tragic loss.

Bittersweet new footage shows her husband, Duane, praising her as the sexiest woman he's ever touched.

Beth Chapman and Duane Chapman for Dog's Most Wanted

"Describe Dog in 5 words," reads a prompt in a new promo for Dog's Most Wanted.

"Smart," Beth begins, glancing briefly at her husband before continuing.

"Strong, courageous," she lists.

Beth concludes her list with: "Funny, brave."

"That's five," Duane says beside her. Then he has his own ideas.

Duane Chapman and Beth Chapman in New Promo

Duane then teases Beth, suggesting that she might have also listed "studly, sexy" when describing him.

He then suggests that "sexy" is a term for women only, which is not the case.

Beth counters that "studly" makes her think of the 1970s.

We're decidedly Team Beth in this debate.

When it comes time for Duane to describe Beth, he uses the opportunity to lovingly tease his wife.

Beth Chapman rolls her eyes adorably

"She's very mean," Duane says of Beth, who smiles and seems to agree.

Duane continues: "She's not as smart as I am," he jokes. "But almost there."

This prompts Beth to give off an amazing eyeroll.

Then, Duane gets serious, gushing: "She's my everything."

"She's the sexiest woman I've ever touched in my life," he praises.

"She's a pure girl," Duane concludes. "There's no tomboy in this baby girl."

Duane Chapman Kisses Beth Chapman in the Hospital

This Dog's Most Wanted promo was released this week.

The fun and playful exchange between husband and wife is now deeply bittersweet.

Obviously, the footage was captured some time ago.

Last weekend, Beth was rushed the hospital in need of oxygen and in terrible pain.

In order to properly administer oxygen, doctors were forced to place her in a medically induced coma.

Tragically, Beth never awoke. On Wednesday, her husband broke the news that she had passed away.

Beth Chapman Hospital Pic

WGN released a statement about the death of the beloved star.

"We are deeply saddened by the tragic news that Beth Chapman lost her battle with cancer today," the statement began.

"She was an exceptional woman," WGN praised. "Fiercely loyal and passionate about her family."

"And," the statement continued. "She was a true joy to work with."

"All of us at WGN America will miss her tremendously," WGN expressed.

The statement concluded: "Our thoughts and prayers are with Duane, her family, loved ones and millions of fans."

Duane and  Beth

Short though it may be, this simple promo clip for Dog's Most Wanted highlights exactly why Beth was so beloved by fans.

She hads a fun personality and she didn't take any crap from anyone.

Her family is grieving and mourning at this time.

Beth's daughter, Bonnie, tried to keep fans updated during this final medical crisis.

She has since expressed her grief at losing her mother at age 20.

Bonnie Chapman welcomes people to honor Beth

Bonnie notes that fans are welcome to participate in mourning Beth.

This is a tragedy felt most acutely by her family, but Beth is missed and grieved by millions.

Duane was very honest in the months and weeks leading up to Beth's passing that he was not prepared to lose his wife.

Our thoughts are with all of Beth's family and loved ones at this time.

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