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Thursday’s season finale of The Real Housewives of New York was a horrifying one for Bethenny Frankel. 

If you keep up with all things Bethenny Frankel, then you probably know about her near-death experience back in December. 

Bethenny Frankel Sobs
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The Skinnygirl founder revealed back then she was minutes from dying after suffering a severe allergic reaction to a soup that contained fish. 

She said at the time that she immediately began to feel itchy and even went unconscious. 

Simply put, it was a scary time for her and everyone who loved her. The season finale went into a lot of detail when it caught up with December’s events. 

"I got back from being in Boston with my boyfriend yesterday, and the two prior days, I spent in ICU in Boston because I had an anaphylactic shock incident," Bethenny admitted.

Bethenny Frankel in Tears
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"Paul brought me a hot miso soup. Miso itself doesn’t have fish in it, [but] this particular miso soup had bonito in it, which is this type of fish flakes."

"I have had a severe fish allergy my entire life," she explained.

"Paul left to get the Benadryl, and he came back three minutes later, and I was unconscious. He managed to get Benadryl and water down my throat and call 9-1-1."

"Paul saved my life," Bethenny revealed with tears in her eyes.

Whoa There, Bethenny Frankel!
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"He was trying to act like everything was okay, but his face, his eyes, he looked so worried. But he was keeping it together. He was totally calm."

Bethenny called Sonja Morgan, and she struggled to keep it together. 

"I’m home. It was brutal," Bethenny told her pal.

"I just drank a cup of hot soup, and it’s happened before where I feel a little itchy or bumpy, and then I felt my hands get really swollen. Like, they just got super tight. And Paul was like, ‘Do you want me to get you a Benadryl?’"

"Paul was like seeing if I was breathing, and I was drooling," she continued of the incident.

Bethenny Frankel in Sweater
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"I was in the ambulance, and they jammed like this rocket pen in my leg. I got to the ER, and then I heard the guy say if it had been five more minutes that I would’ve passed away."

"It was just like not real. And then they were like, ‘You’re going to the ICU.’ And if no one was with me, I would’ve been dead. That’s what’s freaking me out — if I was alone. I don’t wanna be alone now."

Later, Bethenny told her driver that she felt the presence of Dennis Shields while she was going through the harrowing ordeal. 

"Do you wanna hear the craziest thing ever?" she said.

Bethenny Frankel Strikes a Pose
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"So when I was going to the emergency room, like in the middle of all the craziness, I felt Dennis pulling at me. I didn’t think it; I felt it. I felt that he was pulling me."

"But now, I’m done with him," she added, confirming that she is ready to move on. 

"I talk about him too much. I bring him up, I bring up his sayings, I bring up everything. I’m done. It’s over. That is over. Let me be. You go be where you are, and I’m gonna stay here."

She added in a confessional:

"I’ll always love Dennis. I talk about him, I think about him every single day, but he always wanted me to be happy, ultimately. He would always say to me, ‘You will find someone who will love you and treat you the way that you deserve to be treated.’ It was some sort of closure with Dennis. ‘I’m not going with you.’"

Bethenny Frankel Looks Sullen
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Elsewhere, the rest of the installment focused on Luann’s cabaret show, and how she invited the ladies to her show, only to whisk them away. 

But the drama did not actually stem from that. Dorinda started to wonder where the eff Tinsley was getting her money. 

If you watch The Real Housewives of New York online, you know that Tinsley and Scott broke up a while ago. 

Dorinda thought there was more to the story than Tinsley was letting on, so she cornered her to ask where she was getting her money. 

Tinsley Mortimer Breaks Down
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As expected, Tinsley was livid but did not tell the ladies anything aside from that she and Scott were definitely over. 

That’s a storyline that will likely continue next season. 

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