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One of the most well-received and fresh 90 Day Fiance spinoffs in years will be back soon!

Only two already familiar Love in Paradise: The Caribbean couples are returning for Season 2.

That means that the new run of episodes is introducing fresh faces, fresh stories, and exciting new dynamics.

Love in Paradise is going to make franchise history, featuring two LGBTQ+ couples with some very different stories.

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On June 10, Season 2 will premiere.

More than a week in advance, Discovery Plus has released a trailer introducing us to all of the cast.

As always, the show features Americans with people they met on vacation in the Caribbean who hope to turn vacation flings into long-term love.

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First up, we have Frankie and Abby.

They met on vacation five months ago in Mexico.

Sometimes, things happen on vacation — in their case, a threesome involving Abby’s girlfriend of 10 years, Gaby.

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These two went on to fall in love over video chat, but are threading the awkward line between being friends and being in love.

"I’m going to Mexico to propose to my girlfriend," Frankie says during the trailer.

"The only problem is," he admits, "my girlfriend has a girlfriend."

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Fans are already hoping that this situation — featuring a polyamorous, LGBTQ+ relationship — will be a breath of fresh air.

Viewers did not get that with Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan, though arguably the pandemic was to blame.

It would be nice to see a positive, healthy, and perhaps even educational look at this kind of plural relationship … especially if it’s still entertaining.

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Aryanna and Sherlon are a familiar couple from the first season.

Their son, Odin, is now one year old, but they still haven’t settled on where he should grow up.

“I got pregnant in Paradise and now I’m back to see if we can be a family,” Aryanna admits, hoping that Sherlon can step up to be a father.

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Another returning couple is Amber and Daniel, who are now married and residing with Amber’s sister — years after meeting in Costa Rica.

Unfortunately, their marriage is getting a healthy dose of reality now that it is no longer a vacation fling.

“It’s easy to fall in love when you’re on vacation, but in real life, there’s nothing easy about it,” Amber says during the trailer.

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Meanwhile, Daniel has his own frustrations.

“I left my whole life in Costa Rica to start from zero,” he tells Amber.

Daniel adds: “Don’t tell me I haven’t sacrificed.”

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VaLentine and Carlos were a long-distance couple for a year and a half before they finally met in person.

In person, unfortunately, some issues have arisen that weren’t present when they were each behind a screen.

“We are experiencing a lot of growing pains,” Carlos expresses during the trailer.

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Carlos tells VaLentine: “I feel like I’m losing my independence. I’m a grown-ass man!”

It also appears that the two are grappling with some cultural differences — in terms of how they respond to homophobia.

These are complicated, nuanced topics, and we hope that the show is able to do them justice.

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Finally, we have Daniele from New York and Yohan from the Dominican Republic.

The two fell in love at first sight.

However, there are some not-so-subtle hints in the trailer that Yohan is looking for economic opportunities by moving to the United States.

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“I expected Yohan to live in poverty, but I didn’t expect his home to be as bare-bones as it is,” Daniele admits after seeing a home that, from the trailer, is a bit beyond "bare bones."

Directly, she says: “Now I’m worried he’s only marrying me to move to the U.S. and send money to his family.”

We can’t wait to see all of these couples in action!