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Lil Wayne and Jeff Goldblum will star in a commercial set to air during Super Bowl 50 that people are not reacting to in the same way as they are reacting to Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen promoting Bud Light.

Viewers are finding the latter ad to be funny.

But some are finding the latter to be racist.

A commercial for, the footage is set to The Jeffersons' famous theme song, "Movin on Up."

It features Goldblum as a “Silicon Valley Maverick” who is sitting on top of a grand piano as he rises higher and higher along the skyline, making his way to a deluxe apartment.

Once he reached the top of the building, Goldblum comes across George Washington and Lil Wayne, the latter of whom tells Goldblum's character he's "flame-broilin' some burgers" for the big game.

No big deal, right? Weird, but maybe sort of funny?

Not according to those who have labeled it as "low-key racist," per TMZ, because it implies that Lil Wayne is George Washington's slave.

A source close to the rapper, however, tells the site that the commercial is "meant to be funny and not the least bit offensive."

In short, "people need to calm down," this insider adds.

Watch it below for yourself and then compare it to other Super Bowl 50 commercials:

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