Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen Form Bud Light Party for Super Bowl 50

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Donald Trump may be entertaining the nation, but most folks aren't enthralled at the moment with the candidates for President offered up by both Democrats and Republicans.

Fortunately, Bud Light is here to help.

Why limit yourself to being a member of one of these two parties when there's a third party ready to welcome you with open arms?

And an ice cold beverage?

In an ad that will make its television debut this Sunday during Super Bowl 50, Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer team up to form the Bud Light Party.

They argue that this is not a country divided because everyone loves Paul Rudd (which is totally true), while telling the world that nothing brings people together such as beer.

Rogen then states:

"That’s why we’re forming the Bud Light party. Just wait until you see our caucus. We’ve got the biggest caucus in the county!”

This prompts Schumer to clarify:

"But it’s not, like, too big. Like, you can handle it.”

Why do we think they aren't actually talking about a gathering of voters here?

Anyway, the commercial is funny. That's the point. It's also relevant, with 2016 being an election year for President.

Check it out above and then get an early look below at other commercials set to air during Super Bowl 50:

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