Super Bowl 50 Commercials: Best of the Bunch!

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Who really cared about the Carolina Panthers versus the Denver Broncos?

Super Bowl 50 pitted Heinz against Hyundai and Budweiser against Skittles, while also introducing us to this puppy monkey baby who is still haunting our dreams.

Which companies came out in top in the all-important commercial game?

Click through a handful of the best and worst and most controversial ads below and weigh in on your favorites...

1. HEINZ Ketchup Super Bowl 50 Commercial

HEINZ wins! You must see this dog-based commercial it will air during Super Bowl 50.

2. Drake Super Bowl Commercial Parodies "Hotline Bling"

Drake stars in this genius new ad for T-Mobile. Watch the artist mock his own "Hotline Bling" music video.

3. The Bud Light Party Super Bowl Commercial

Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen anchor this Bud Light Super Bowl commercial. Check it out now!

4. Kevin Hart Super Bowl Commercial

Kevin Hart stars in this Super Bowl commercial for Hyundai. It makes it clear just what length dads will go to protect their daughters.

5. Shock Top Super Bowl Commercial

It's time for some honest talk with T.J. Miller. He stars in this Shock Top Super Bowl commercial.

6. Budweiser Super Bowl 50 Commercial

Helen Mirren for Budweiser?!? We did not see this Super Bowl 50 commercial coming!

7. Ryan Reynolds Super Bowl Commercial

Welcome to a town populated only by Ryan Reynolds. That's the premise of this Hyundai commercial.

8. Skittles Super Bowl Commercial

Steven Tyler stars in this commercial for Skittles. What do you think of it?

9. Kia Optima Super Bowl Commercial

Christopher Walken stars in this Super Bowl commercial for Kia Optima. Check it out now!

10. Colgate Super Bowl Commercial

Every drop of water counts. Watch Colgate send that important message in this Super Bowl commercial.

11. Amazon Echo Super Bowl Commercial

Alec Baldwin stars in this ad for Amazon Echo. Watch him poke a bit of fun at Tom Brady.

12. Avocados Super Bowl Commercial

Avocados for the win! We really enjoyed this Super Bowl 50 commercial. What did you think?

13. Doritos Super Bowl 50 Commercial

This was just... weird. Doritos aired a Super Bowl 50 commercial centered around an Ultrasound and early childbirth.

14. Quicken Loans Super Bowl Commercial

Should the mortgage process be as fast and easy as this commercial makes it seem like it can be? Probably not.

15. Mini Coke Super Bowl Commercial

It's Hulk vs. Ant-Man! Check out this Super Bowl 50 commercial for mini Coca-Cola.

16. Prius Super Bowl Commercial

This Super Bowl commercial for the Toyota Prius cracked us up. Check it out and chime in now.

17. Buick Super Bowl Commercial

Some viewers were offened by this supposedly sexist Super Bowl 50 commercial from Buick. What did you think?

18. Willem Dafoe Snickers Commercial

Willem Dafoe made like Marilyn Monroe for this Snickers commercial during Super Bowl 50. It received mixed reviews.

19. Puppy Monkey Baby Super Bowl Commercial

Mountain Dew featured a puppy monkey baby during its Super Bowl commercial. We really have no idea why. Watch the weird ad here.

20. Super Bowl Babies Commercial: Cute? Or REALLY Creepy?

This commercial features kids who were allegedly born because their parents had sex the night of the Super Bowl. Watch and react now.

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