Leah Messer: Jeremy Calvert is a Deadbeat Dad!

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Leah Messer is tired of the bull snot.

Seriously, she says as much in this sneak peek for next week's episode of Teen Mom 2.

She's tired of the bull snot -- Jeremy Calvert's bull snot, to be specific.

The Calverts

In the clip, Leah is hanging out with her grandmother on a porch, like you do. But it's not a carefree grandma hang sesh because Jeremy is getting on her nerves.

As she explains to Grandma Sandy, Jeremy is home from his job for the week, and she assumed he'd want to spend some time with their daughter.

"He was supposed to meet me before noon and now he's changing it to 2:30," she complains in the clip below.

"It's unfair to our child."

Granny doesn't hold back, as Grannys often don't.

Advising her to tell Jeremy that he can either get with the program and be more involved in the kid's life or else she'll raise her alone, she does not mince words.

Leah D. Messer Image

Leah's a little hesitant to go that far -- probably because she realizes that Jeremy isn't that bad -- but ol' Granny is firm.

"You can't chase down a dead beat dad," she tells Leah, and sadly, she's probably not the only one having that very thought.

So does Leah's grandmother have a point?

Is Jeremy really a dead beat dad? Should Leah give up on hopes of co-parenting with him and just stop fighting this fight?

Check out Leah's predicament in the video:

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