Lark Voorhies Talks Gang Member Husband in Bizarre, Rambling Interview

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Last month,  Lark Voorhies married Jimmy Green in a series of ceremonies.

As more details about the marriage emerged, fans began to grow concerned for the former Saved By the Bell star.

It seems that at the time of their weddings, Green was wanted by police for violently threatening a man several years prior.

Voorhies' mom says Green is a homeless gang member who forced her to get a restraining order out of fear for her life.

It's a troubling situation, to say the least, and Voorhies odd, nonsensical responses in the interview above only serve to make the matter seem even dire than originally thought.

"The support was there," Lark tells ET. "Specific, necessary, exact. It's all celebratory, so it's a very strong, powerful, ongoing, so we carried that through. Naturally and in all success."

Needless to say, Lark seems as though she might not be entirely in her right mind.

Confusingly, Voorhies denies battling bipolar disorder, stating that she's "always been 100% mentally healthy," but then admits to struggling with "textbook clinical depression" just seconds later.

The actress goes on to say that she's planning to release an album, and that Green will serve as her producer.

Despite being married, the couple currently lives in separate homes.

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