Lark Voorhies: Actress' Mother Says Jimmy Green is a Homeless Gang Member!

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Last week, Saved By the Bell star Lark Voorhies married Jimmy Green just over a year after meeting him on Facebook.

Right from the start, there were lots of questions surrounding the hasty nuptials:

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Why has Voorhies been lying low lately? (She skipped the recent Saved By the Bell reunion orchestrated by Jimmy Fallon.) Why were these two in such a rush to get hitched? Most importantly, who the hell meets people on Facebook?

In the past week, some new information has emerged, and the more we find out about Green the sketchier he seems.

First we learned that Green is wanted by police for allegedly threatening to kill a Tucson store owner in 2012.

That tidbit was followed by rumors that Voorhies' family has begged her to leave Green, but there were few details as to why they didn't like her new boo.

Now, TMZ is offering some strange updates about Green's relationship with his in-laws that might shed light on why they'd prefer that Voorhies remain single.

Lark's mother, Patricia Voorhies, says she's filed for a restraining order against Green, as he's a violent gang member who's repeatedly caused her to fear for her life.

According to Patricia, Lark still lives with her, and Jimmy used to be allowed to visit during the day. One of the rules of the arrangement was that Green leave the house in time to catch the last bus back to wherever he was staying that night. (He's reportedly semi-homeless.)

Patricia says Green agreed to her terms but began playing hide-and-sleep around the house at night, and she often found him snoozing in strange places like the closet.

Green reportedly got into several heated arguments with Patricia and often threatened her by flashing gang signs.

TMZ spoke with Green, who admitted to being a member of the Bloods, but says he never threatened his mother-in-law. Patricia Voorhies was recently granted a temporary restraining order stipulating that Green must stay 100 feet from her home.

This marriage sounds like it's off to a great start!

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