Larissa Lima Displays New Face, Hair After Dramatic Beauty Makeover!

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Just days ago, 90 Day Fiance star Larissa Lima underwent a glow-up, promising a dramatic beauty makeover.

At the time, she hid her new face from fans, promising to show it off to followers who "stay tuned."

Now, Larissa has unveiled her triumphant new look! See it for yourself:

Larissa Lima Debuts Makeover Look

Larissa Lima shared a series of videos with her fans and followers.

"Hello guys!" Larissa's first video begins.

"New life, new hair!" she happily proclaims.

She's showing off a new, fresher hairstyle that is really working for her.

It even looks like her hair, which was always thick, is more full-bodied. It's great.

"I love it," she affirms.

Larissa Lima blows a kiss

Larissa continues on a more personal note, addressing her supporters.

"I would like to say that I'm truly thankful," Larissa begins.

She continues: "for having a lot of followers that supported me."

Her followers give her social media clout and even donated to her GoFundMe to help her with expenses.

"And," Larissa concludes, her followers "give me a lot of good advice."

Larissa then shared another video in which she delivered the same message in Portuguese.

Larissa Lima kill that lightee 01

Larissa's third video features her again, in different lighting.

On the screen, the words "Kill that lightee" appear.

"I just would like to show you guys that my foundation is still good," Larissa says under the new lighting.

"That light -- that light -- made up-up all of the brightness," she accuses.

Larissa then winks and blows a kiss at her fans and followers.

Larissa Lima kill that lightee 02

So now comes the tricky part: what has changed on her face?

We have to say that her face looks so similar to her usual self that, at first, we didn't notice much of anything.

Larissa has never really had thin lips, and her cheekbones have always been fairly prominent.

But we think -- and makeup and lighting could definitely be factors here -- that her upper lip looks a little fuller these days.

Now, maybe we're just assuming because we so recently saw the photo of Larissa staring down a syringe.

But maybe she got lip fillers in her upper lip.

Larissa Lima Gets a Facial Injection

Did Larissa get more done to her lower lip, or any other fillers?

We're not sure.

Given the level of transparency that she has been willing to show, we imagine that she'll answer that sooner or later.

In the mean time, she's definitely not upgrading her look in order to land a new man, despite what she'd joked in her initial post.

Why? Because she already has one.

Larissa Lima reveals 26-year-old boyfriend 01

Larissa already has a young, hot boy-toy just a little over a month after her brutal breakup with Colt.

She has not revealed his name, but he is of Italian ancestry and he is 26 years old.

She says that her new man is not interested in fame and that he's not big on social media in general.

(Opposites attract, we suppose)

However, Larissa has revealed that at least some of her fans will get to see him.

She says that her mystery boy will be at her divorce party at the beginning of March.

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