Larissa Lima Undergoes Dramatic Beauty Makeover to Lure New Boyfriend

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90 Day Fiance star Larissa Lima hasn't even been single for 40 days yet, but she's back on the market.

Given that she says that Colt wanted to bone every woman but her while they were together, that's not really a surprise.

Larissa's so determined to look her best that she's getting a dramatic beauty makeover. Take a look:

Larissa Lima Selfie

Larissa Lima is on Tinder, and she is serious about upgrading her look now that she's back in the dating pool.

Larissa captions the photos: "Came to see the one and only @aestheticmedicine_lv in Vegas today for a dramatic beauty makeover."

She shared photos from her visit to the Center for Aesthetic Medicine and Human Performance in Las Vegas.

"Gotta look and feel my absolute best," she writes.

Larissa notes that this is important "now that I'm back on the dating scene."

Larissa Lima Gets a Makeover

"Thanks Heather for the slay!" she writes.

Larissa then teases her fans: "Stay tuned for the results!"

She concludes with the tag: "#makemebombshell."

Despite her mention of makeup, one of the photos that she teases makes it clear that she's going further than that.

We're no makeup gurus, but we don't think that most makeup routines involve a syringe.

Larissa Lima Gets a Facial Injection

It is unclear if Larissa is getting fillers or perhaps something like botox.

Either way, she makes it very clear that fans will not get to see the results just yet.

Whatever you may think of Larissa's behavior, on 90 Day Fiance or off-screen, she's a beautiful woman.

But we're reasonably confident that she wouldn't do anything to change that.

That said, we do remember her confusion about 90 Day Fiance's startlingly low payments to first-season stars.

Larissa had the understandable expectation that being on a reality show would see her get a lot of money.

At the time, she mentioned that she would have gotten cosmetic procedures if she had the cash.

Larissa Lima is Back on the Market

Larissa also shareda  photo from Hottie Hair Salon and Extensions store.

True to her word, she's not showing off how her face looks just yet.

"Hmm what to do to my hair????" Larissa asks her fans and followers. "I need new look."

To disguise her face, Larissa obscures it with a massive heart eyes emoji.

Take a look:

Larissa Lima Heart Eyes

Some fans may be understandably concerned that Larissa is treating herself to a beauty makeover.

Is she spending GoFundMe money that fans donated to help with her legal fees and living expenses on a luxury beauty glow-up?

Probably not.

Given Larissa's level of fame, it seems likely that she was invited to do this, directly or through a management company.

90 Day Fiance is outrageously popular, so advertising through the show's stars can give a product or store a lot of exposure.

For some stars on the show, the chance to promote different brands for cash or free products makes up for how little they make from TLC.

Larissa Lima Models a Red Dress

In case anyone might balk at dating a married woman, know that Larissa was served with divorce papers last month.

Then, in February, she filed her formal response.

She and Coltee are gearing up for a heated battle over property and money that Larissa says that he stole from her.

In the mean time, however, prospective boyfriends may want to carefully consider whether Larissa is girlfriend material.

As we mentioned, she is a beautiful woman, and may be even more so after her dramatic makeover.

She was also arrested for domestic battery three times in the span of seven months.

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