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The seemingly never-ending feud between Meghan Markle and the British Royal Family has been a messy affair for quite some time.

But in recent weeks, the situation has deteriorated to the point where it’s almost impossible to imagine any sort of peaceful resolution

In fact, the whole thing is becoming a bit uncomfortable to watch.

Meghan Markle with Oprah

On Sunday night, Meghan and Harry’s highly-anticipated interview with Oprah will air on CBS.

The Royals are said to be deeply concerned about the content of the interview, and considering the deplorable fashion in which they’ve mistreated the Sussexes, perhaps they should be.

Meghan and Harry have, of course, stepped down from their roles as senior members of the royal family and put several thousand miles between themselves and London.

But the Queen’s reach is long, and lately, she’s been reminding the couple that she still holds a great deal of power over their lives.

First Harry and Meghan were stripped of their royal titles and many of their privileges, including the patronages through which they performed a good deal of their charity work.

Now, Meghan is being accused of bullying by a Kensington Palace staffer.

Meghan Markle on Oprah

The alleged incident took place while Harry and Meghan were still living in the UK, but only became public knowledge this week.

Needless to say, that’s probably not a coincidence.

No one in the Royal family is directly responsible for those allegations, but the Windsors have mastered the art of making unpleasant mini-scandals "go away," and they’ve obviously chosen not to do so in this instance.

Meghan Markle in a Ponytail

While the Sussexes cope with all this drama, Meghan is pregnant with her second child.

She likely would have aroused the sympathy of fellow Americans, fellow celebrities, and fellow decent human beings the world over even if she weren’t expecting.

As it is, the compassion is more acute than it might be under different circumstances.

Chrissy Teigen, Pregnant and Smiling

And Meghan just gained a very high-profile ally in the Queen of Twitter herself:

"This meghan markle sh-t is hitting too close to home for me. these people won’t stop until she miscarries. F-cking stop it," an irate Chrissy Teigen tweeted on Friday.

Teigen’s tweet received the Twitter equivalent of a standing ovation from thousands of users who are clearly also fed up with the Royal Family’s wicked ways.

Meghan Markle and Harry Interview Pic

And with that, the stage is set for an interview that promises to drive an even wider wedge between Meghan and her in-laws.

In a new preview released this afternoon, Meghan revealed that she was forbidden to sit down for an interview with Oprah ahead of her wedding.

Sources who spoke with TMZ say that the Sussexes are under no delusions about the possibility of making peace with the Royals.

In fact, it seems they’ve pretty much accepted that Sunday’s broadcast will be the nail in the coffin of that relationship.

"The couple’s essentially declared war against Queen Elizabeth and Buckingham Palace by accusing them of spreading "falsehoods" about them," the site reports.

Sounds like the Royals will have a hard time maintaining their stiff upper lips this weekend!