LaMelo Ball Drops N-Word on Monday Night Raw, Stirs More Family Controversy

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The Big Baller Brand made it presence felt on Monday Night RAW this week.

Much to the chagrin of sensors and critics everywhere.

Lead by father LaVar Ball, sons LaMelo Ball and Lonzo Ball made an appearance on professional wrestling's biggest stage, riding the wave of momentum from Lonzo being selected in the first round of the NBA Draft by the Los Angeles Lakers last Thursday.

Lonzo is coming off a stellar freshman season at UCLA, while LaMelo will play for that same university in 2019.

LaMelo Ball

LaVar Ball, meanwhile, has served as the mouthpiece for his family ever since Lonzo started impressing scouts with his play in college, working the business side of things like an extreme version of Kris Jenner.

Having issues several controversial statements and stopped by various shows on ESPN and other sports networks, it was only natural that LaVar would end up on RAW.

But he didn't say anything too scandalous last night.

Instead, LaMelo Ball is the family member currently making negative headlines.

LaMelo Ball and Lonzo Ball

While his father was in the ring (shirtless, of course) and talking trash to wrestler The Miz, a live microphone caught LaMelo telling his dad to "beat that n---a ass," on two occasions.

LaMelo is 15 years old, we should note.

A representative for the Ball family could not be reached for comment late Monday night, but WWE responded to the racial slur use as follows:

"The inappropriate language used by a guest during the 'Miz TV' segment was not scripted nor reflects WWE's values."

Watch the following video to see LaVar in the ring and to hear LaMelo utter this word.

Perhaps the family will recede a bit from the spotlight going forward after this misstep, but we somehow doubt it...

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