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Back in August, Lala Kent hinted that she’d quit Vanderpump Rules while beefing with a fan on Twitter.

Of course, members of the SUR staff are always threatening to storm off (Frankly, we were looking forward to never hearing Stassi talk about her birthday ever again.), so no one really took it seriously.

This week, however, the sad news was confirmed:

Lala is leaving Vanderpump, and SUR, and hopefully James Kennedy, behind.

Though not quite a one-season-and-done like the forgotten Vail Bloom, but Lala’s time on the show was still very brief.

Even so, she says parting ways with the series was difficult:

Lala Kent Modeling Photo

"It’s very weird because I’ve been doing this for a year and a half, so to know that my time is up, it’s bittersweet for me," Lala tells E! News in the clip below.

She added:

"I think just the negativity finally got to me. I’m not good at separating real life from work, so it started trickling into my everyday relationships with people who have nothing to do with the show and once that started happening that was like not OK anymore."

Lala didn’t exactly confirm rumors that her relationship Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Hayes Pullard played a role in her decision to  leave the show, but she hinted that there’s some truth to those reports:

"The hardest part for me was when they started making accusations about a relationship that I really wasn’t in," she explained.

"When that trickles into my real life and I am going to the person I am in love with venting about these crazy people, it really did take a toll on my relationship with my boyfriend." 

Lala also revealed that we will get to see the moment that she quits SUR on this season of Vanderpump:

"It’s sad. I haven’t seen the episode, but I do come back one last time to say my final goodbye," she told us.

"I was a hot mess, Lisa Vanderpump was a hot mess, it was weird."

Lala, we hardly knew ye.

Check out the full interview below: