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Caitlyn Jenner has said repeatedly that the most difficult part of her transition was trying to figure out the best way to share the news with her children.

We learned early on that Kim Kardashian was the first to find out about her stepfather’s desire to become Caitlyn, but until recently, details about how Kim’s siblings received the information have been scarce.

Last week, the first details regarding Kylie Jenner’s introduction to Caitlyn were revealed by the lucky few who were treated to early screenings of I Am Cait.

Now, with the debut of Caitlyn’s highly-anticipated reality series just days away, the E! network has released a new preview clip that captures the first moment Kylie and Caitlyn came face-to-face.

What’s most remarkable about the clip is how casual the encounter is.

There are no tears, no awkwardness. It’s clear from the start that when Kylie looks at Caitlyn, she simply sees her dad.

In fact, the only part of this preview that reminds us that the Jenners are in any way different from the average American family is the very end…when Kylie jokes about marrying Tyga. (Gag!)

In conclusion: Kylie’s mature, compassionate response to her father’s transition – yay! Kylie even joking about marrying her creepy 25-year-old boyfriend – boooooo!