Kylie Jenner: Life Without Tyga is Better! I'm Free!

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A new Life of Kylie teaser came out. This time, at least, she's not whining about her fame and fortune. This time it's actually interesting.

It sounds like, without even mentioning his name, Kylie is saying that she's way, way happier without Tyga in her life.

We're happier without Tyga in her life, so it makes sense. But watch the video below to decide for yourself if she's talking about Tyga or something else.

Life of Kylie Interview Pic

It's gotta be about Tyga, though. Let's be real.

You can watch her words for nuance or whatever in the video below -- maybe we missed a clue that you'll catch.

But here's what she says:

"I've had more fun this past month than I have in, like, years."

Now, that could be anything, but it would pretty much line up with when Kylie and Tyga broke up for good, vanquishing "Kyga" forever.

(Remember, these shows are filmed months in advance)

What she says next, though, doesn't seem to leave a lot of room for doubt.

The video, largely unrelated to her voiceover, shows her talking about how happy she is.

But then her voiceover talks about things that didn't make her so happy in the past.

Kyga on Vacation

"Like, the last three years of my life are, like, a blur. I just stayed in the house all day and just ..."

She trails off, there, and 

Just ... had sex with Tyga? Just ... let Tyga do weird stuff with your feet and micromanage your foot care routines?

Tyga has a foot fetish, folks. He says that after looking at a girl's lips, the second thing that he notices are her toes.

If he hadn't started dating Kylie when she was a minor and he was 8 years older, the way that he seemingly controlled her choices about her feet would be the creepiest thing about their relationship.

Tyga is creepy, you guys.

We'd point out that it's easy to look at Kylie's lifestyle and say that, sure, just hanging out around the house all of the time is a great way to live your life.

But, like, we don't think that Kylie plays video games -- with or without friends. Besides, even with games, everybody needs to get out sometimes.

(I've tried the "I'll just stay home" lifestyle before and even for diehard introverts, it's just not as fulfilling as going out with your friends, folks)

Kylie adds more about what her life is like now:

A Kiss for Tyga

"Now, it's like, I feel like I can be more myself; i feel way more free."

We've mentioned that we got the impression that Tyga was kind of controlling.

We suspect that there was more to that control than Kylie's feet. That's often the case with creepy, older dudes.

Honestly, Tyga's career may be a joke, but we don't think that there's anything funny about him, since he reportedly tries to flirt with other underage girls.

"And I'm just, like, really, genuinely happy right now."

As much as Kylie can drive us all nuts, that's good to hear.

Kylie Jenner and Tyga Hold Hands

We should talk a little about the rest of the video for a hot minute.

We've seen Kylie react to her star-studded seating companions before, and ... whatever.

The video starts with Kylie apparently being two hours late for the guy who's doing her makeup.

Put yourself in his shoes for a moment. You've cleared your schedule to glam up Kylie Jenner's face, which is a big deal, and she shows up two hours late.

You've just spent the past two hours losing your mind and wondering when she's going to get there, but when she arrives you're all smiles because you have to be. Did he have to cancel on other people to accomodate her?

Life of Kylie isn't really showing her best side, you know?

Give us a show about Kylie hanging out with and playing with her dogs. That's Kylie's best self.

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