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Some new information about Tyga and his … fetishes … has come to light.

As it turns out, Tyga might have influenced parts of Kylie’s style in ways that we never imagined.

But hey, this is Tyga, who started dating Kylie when she was a minor — so at least this fetish thing in the video below won’t be the creepiest thing that we know about him.

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For the longest time, Kylie Jenner and Tyga seemed inseparable, as if the world had been cursed to endure their "love" story.

They’d break up, giving us a cruel moment of hope for the future, before crushing that hopes ruthlessly beneath their feet as they’d reunite.

Finally, Kylie kicked Tyga to the curb for good, and the world breathed a collective sign of relief.

The issue with Tyga wasn’t just that he was a no-name rapper who seemed to be using Kylie to further his career.

It wasn’t just that Tyga was wildly irresponsible with money and would buy Kylie lavish gifts that he couldn’t afford.

Hell, it wasn’t even that Tyga was old enough to rent a car but didn’t even have the courtesy to wait until Kylie was barely legal before he swooped in and started dating her.

It was all of those things, and more, that made Kyga one of our least favorite couples.

Even now that they’ve broken up, we’re still pretty grossed out by Tyga.

And if you feel the same way … don’t expect that to go away any time soon.

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Why are we talking about Kylie and Tyga in August of 2017, you ask?

A true hero over at Refinery29 watched this video (below) and drew the link between Tyga’s fetish and Kylie’s personal style.

And it’s kind of blowing our minds.

The video is from a series that speaks to singers and rappers about the meaning behind their lyrics, and they had Tyga on.

The song was "Move To L.A."

Like all Tyga songs, no one’s actually listened to it, but the lyrics of that (which are literally just about how girls should move to L.A.) truly don’t matter.

What matters is what Tyga confesses about himself.

Because the dude has a foot fetish.

"You can have a girl that’s a 10 in the face and body, and feet are a 6 or 7, and it can just kill the whole thing. I can talk to a girl who is, like an 8, but her feet are a 10, but it makes me think she’s the baddest ever."

That sounds like the foot fetish parody of Trump’s: "A person who’s flat-chested is very hard to be a 10, okay?"

But it’s kind of a stunning revelation.

(He’s super enthusiastic when he talks about feet, too; he lights up with excitement, as you’ll see in the video)

Tyga even says that the second thing that he looks at — after a girl’s lips and smile — is her toes.

The second thing.

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But gee, you wonder, what does this have to do with Kylie?

Refinery29 looked into that, too, because they’re way braver than we are.

They googled: "Kylie Jenner feet."

The very thought of their results makes us shudder — we’ve always been horrified when Google’s autocomplete suggests "feet" after an actress’ name, though that’s happened way less since suggested searches became more personalized.

What they learned, however, is that Kylie has toes on the longer side, which is apparently a good thing in the world of foot-appreciation.

They also said that those we’ll refer to as The Foot People had noted something that we’d never really thought about:

Kylie Jenner, even to this day, wears a lot of elaborately strapped sandals and even some entirely transparent footwear.

When most of us wear sandals, it’s because it’s hot outside or because shoes are agonizing foot-coffins and store shoe sizes seem to cater to hobbits.

(Okay, maybe I’m projecting there — shoe shopping hasn’t been easy since I was 12)

But for Kylie, that and her clear shoes might be about showing off her feet.

At first, maybe it was for Tyga’s benefit.

Now, it might just be out of habit.

If you think that Kylie never felt influenced by Tyga’s thoughts about her feet, well, there’s evidence.

There’s this Snapchat video of Tyga using a lint-roller on Kylie’s feet and sharing with her his very definite ideas about what colors she should paint her toenails.


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Now, it’s easy to make fun of weirder fetishes like fixations on feet.

It’s a harmless sexual interest.

We all have parts of the body that catch out interests more or less than others.

(Most just like body parts that are normal erogenous zones and don’t regularly touch the floor)

Foot fetishes may be caused by essentially some crossed wires in the brain, though others think that they may be caused by early childhood experiences.

(That’s an age-old psychological argument)

We should all be able to agree that Tyga can have whatever weird, harmless interests he likes … so long as he keeps his eyes firmly off of the toes of anybody else under the age of 18.

That’s not unreasonable.

Anyway, here’s the video.

Tyga is all kinds of enthusiastic when he says it: