Kyle Richards DRAGS Denise Richards: She's a Rookie and a Quitter!!

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Last week, we all watched that mesmerizing superteaser of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills where Denise Richards quits and walks off the show.

Now, Kyle is explaining how this season is so different, and pretty much trashing Denise for flaking out on her role.

Kyle Richards via remote interview April 2020

Kyle Richards called in to The Jenny McCarthy Show for a remote interview.

(All interviews these days should be remote, but especially ones where the titular interviewer is infamous for her "questionable" views on medicine)

The topic of discussion was officially RHOBH's current season. Kyle is the unofficial queen of the show, after all.

But more than anything else, it was about Denise's decision to stop filming when her personal drama was put front and center.

RHOBH s10e01 Denise Richards stopped filming

"I mean, you can't say too much about her path on this show," Jenny McCarthy acknowledges.

"But," she asks, "does she leave for an extended period of time. I she going to be gone for, like, six episodes?"

"I'm not exactly sure how long," Kyle admits in reply.

Naturally, she remembers the real world events, but does not necessarily know what incident went into which episode after editing.

Denise Richards is Not Doing This Anymore

"But all I know," Kyle continues, "is she stopped, basically, showing up."

"And she didn't want to face anything," she explains.

Kylie adds: "Or deal with anything."

Specifically, this is believed to be in reference to the accusation that Denise had an affair with Brandi Glanville.

Kyle Richards Warns of Drama to Come

"So," Kyle recalls, "she either owuld bring the husband ..."

At that, she very nearly smiles, as the idea of Denise bringing her hot husband as a ward against drama is very entertaining.

"... Or would disappear," Kylie shares.

Sure enough, we saw some of that going on in the superteaser.

Denise Richards and Aaron Phypers Storm Away

Jenny then asks Kyle if she felt that it was unfair, since most Housewives would love to duck and run at some point. Most do not.

"That was something I really took issue with," Kyle acknowledges.

It really hit home "because I've been on this show for 10 years."

"There have been so many things that have come up that were really difficult and really painful over the yeas," Kyle points out.

RHOBH s10e01 Kyle Richards cried the whole time

Kyle then points out her sister, Kim, and her struggles, plus those of Taylor Armstrong, who was so very recently the world's biggest meme.

"I never knew it was an option not to show up," Kyle expresses.

"Do you think I want to be around some of these people sometimes?" she asks.

Kylie says that she'd love to ghost sometimes "with some of the mean things that they've done and said?"

RHOBH s10e01 Denise Richards Aaron Phypers don't say a word

"Nope," Kyle affirms. "I always show up. Yeah, that was very strange to me."

She also explains that the show broke the fourth wall -- speaking directly to the audience and acknowleding that it's a show -- for a very good reason.

It turns out that there were incidents of people saying things tha they knew would not normally be used on camera.

Kylie shares that the show deliberaly acknowledging that allowed them to use some of this unusable footage.

RHOBH s10e01 Denise Richards gets legal advice

Kylie opines that ghosting the show "is the worst thing you can probably do."

"Because," she explains, "you leave it open for everyone to talk about that instead of, you know, you taking control of the narrative."

Kylie adds: "And you're just making it a way bigger deal."

She expresses: "It's a rookie move." She's not wrong.

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