Caryn Chandler Scoffs at Amy Roloff Wedding Invite, Makes Things VERY Awkward

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If actions speak louder than words, well...

... Caryn Chandler basically hates Amy Roloff.

Wedding Invite Talk

Okay, this might be an exaggeration.

But Chandler -- who formerly worked as a manager at Roloff Farms, prior to getting into a serious relationship with its male owner -- recently told Us Weekly that she's totally cool with Amy.

“Time heals, and so everything is moving in a good trajectory right now,” Matt Roloff's main squeeze told this tabloid, acknowledging of course than things will always be a little awkward between her and Matt's ex-wife.

This stems both from Caryn knowing Amy pretty well before she started to date Matt -- and also from Amy thinking that Matt cheated on her during their marriage with Chandler.

Engagement Talk

“There’s no hard feelings. Everybody’s working hard," Caryn added this month while talking to Us Weekly.

And, look, that may be the case. This statement may very well be accurate.

However, Amy, Caryn, Chris Marek and Matt will all attend a barbecue on Tuesday's new episode of Little People, Big World -- and the tension will be apparent.

Caryn and Matt Together

Early on in the clip featured here (after we learn that Zach Roloff has never once in his life used a grill), Chandler asks to see Amy's engagement ring.

The two exchange some pleasantries, prior to Amy cracking: “I’ll be sure to not invited you to the wedding."

Matt then says in a confessional: “I guess Amy watched the episode saw where Caryn says, ‘I don’t wanna get invited to the wedding.’”

The footage then cuts to this exact scene where, yes, Chandler makes it clear she does NOT want to attend Roloff and Marek's 2021 nuptials.

Caryn and Matt in a Confessional

“Super happy for them, whether I would want to go or not or they even want me, I don’t know. Time will tell,” she says here, while Matt adds that he'll try to "convince" Caryn to go in an invite does come there way.

At this, Chandler rolls her eyes and laughs.

She clearly has no interest at all.

With Each Other

Amy and Chris, meanwhile, are well aware of Caryn's stance.

They've said themselves that they may extend an invite to Matt and Caryn, but only because they know it will be rejected.

“They’re welcome if they’d like to come,” Marek said himself this month, adding:

“We don’t want anyone coming to our wedding out of obligation. The wedding is supposed to be about good friends and close family. I like Matt; I get along with him fine -- and Caryn.

"But we’re not friends that hang out. We don’t do things together.”

Just how painful is the tension between the couples?

Check out the clip now to find out!

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