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Keeping Up With The Kardashians continues to be a success, which is why Kris Jenner wants a huge raise for the whole family.

From the looks of what’s going down in this new sneak peek, every one of them is going to earn that massive salary.

Kris has taken her family into the middle of nowhere so that they can address their issues. And her plan for that is absolutely insane.

In this new sneak peek clip for Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the family is in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Sadly, they’re not there to take viewers on a tour of their lives as they hunt fellow humans for sport.

(Can you imagine how good Kris would be at that, though?)

They are all wearing very goofy cowboy getups, which leads Kris to remark that Kendall looks like Jessie from Toy Story.

She’s absolutely right.

"So, in case you’re wondering why I wanted to bring you all to Jackson Hole [Wyoming]," Kris acknowledges once the group is assembled.

The momager expresses: "I think we just really needed some family bonding time."

"I feel like things are a little bit off," Kris assesses.

"And," she adds. "We really need to press a reset button."

"And have a fresh start," Kris suggests. "So that we all feel really good about where we are."

"Each one of us has maybe a small to medium sized issue with another," Kris reveals.

Family tensions can grow out of controll if they’re not addressed.

"And," she expresses. "I really think we need to work on the things that are bothering us internally."

That is always good advice! You have to make nice or things will fester and get worse.

Kris wants to focus on those issues "and working together as a family and a team."

This is when the music starts to get a little silly — both dramatic and inspirational.

"I think what I want to do is family morale, team-building exercises,” Kris suggests.

Ordinarily, that wiould sound like absolute hell on Earth. But with the Kardashians, it could be entertaining.

She wants to engage in activities “where we can do things where we have to work together."

These are all efforts "to try to rebuild our bond."

"Because listen," Kris says. "We’re ride or die right?"

"This family will never be some group that falls apart in any way, shape, or form," Kris affirms.

She explains that this is "because we always have each other’s backs."

"That being said, Kourtney," Kris says. "We’re going to take you back to your roots."

She explains: "And you’re going to go on a cattle-drive."

Oh, boy.

See, back before Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kourtney made her first foray into reality television.

In 2005, the eldest of Kris’ progeny appeared on E!’s Cattle Drive, which ran from August through October of that year.

That doesn’t exactly make her an expert, but it probably means that she knows more about bovines than most of us.

Referring to that as Kourtney’s "roots" is … objectively pretty funny.

What Kris has in mind sounds like a very entertaining mess — but will it be the family bonding activity that she hopes?

The rest of us should be grateful that, as adults, we can just decline ridiculous demands for family team-building.

The Kardashians are bound by contract to go along with Kris’ schemes.