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Last summer, 90 Day Fiance legend Danielle Mullins finally explained her "genital odor" to fans. That’s a deeply personal topic.

Her ex-husband, Mohamed Jbali, had publicly accused her of having an unpleasant odor. Now, it seems, turnabout is fair play.

In a new video, Danielle is sharing way too much information — about Mohamed’s penis.

Danielle Mullins Answers Fan Questions

Danielle Mullins Jbali and her ex, Mohamed, were the ones who really put 90 Day Fiance on the map.

We’re not just saying that — Paola Mayfield and Russ, also long-running stars on the franchise, said it themselves.

So it’s no surprise that Danielle is a popular choice for fans to request Cameos.

Cameos are a video service in which a fan pays a celebrity to record a short video, usually a simple message for a special occasion.

In this case, Danielle was asked to give a fan a heartfelt happy birthday message — and she did just that.

Mohamed Jbali is a Little Frustrated

But Danielle’s warm words weren’t all.

The person who hired her to make the video also asked an extremely personal question — one that Danielle agreed to answer.

"And also," Danielle says in her birthday message. "He wanted me to let you know if Mohamed had a smelly dick."

"The answer is no," Danielle reveals. "He did not have a smelly dick."

At this point, Danielle is understandably cracking up. 

She reiterates her birthday message at that point, clearly not wanting to end the video talking about her ex-husband’s penis.

Danielle Mullins Jbali

We have this video thanks to 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates.

He initially shared the clip on Instagram, but reports that Danielle allegedly misused some of Instagram’s features to get the video taken down.

Yates then moved the video over to Twitter, and we want to make it clear that he deserves the credit for this video being public knowledge.

(He and Danielle emphatically do not get along, despite his prior vocal support for her during her divorce)

The video, which we have included in this post, is worth watching — but keep in mind that the subject matter is at times NSFW.

Mohamed Jbali and Danielle Mullins, Wedding Day

When Danielle, an older American woman, became engaged to Mohamed, a younger Tunisian man, fans thought that they knew this story.

Quite simply, they figured that it was a green card scam.

But as 90 Day Fiance continued, it became clear that there was more to Mohamed and Danielle’s story.

Danielle would openly demand that Mohamed perform his husbandly duties by having sex with her.

She accused him of cheating on her. He accused her of stealing from him.

Mohamed also alleged, on camera, that Danielle needed to go to a doctor to address a supposed "foul odor."

Danielle Mullins Wears Pink

As you can imagine, their divorce was downright ugly.

Danielle vowed to do her level best to get Mohamed deported.

Towards that end, she tried to get their marriage annulled, claiming that Mohamed had not truly acted as her husband.

This was when Danielle revealed that she and Mohamed had had sex — exactly once, to consummate their marriage.

That might not be enough to satisfy Danielle, but it was enough to force Danielle to settle for a plain ol’ divorce.

Mohamed Jbali and Danielle

These days, they’ve both moved on. Danielle is doing Cameos and Mohamed is in Texas, working and living an ordinary life.

We suppose that congratulations are in order for Mohamed on his genital odor, or perhaps lack thereof.

We’re not sure how he feels about Danielle openly discussing his penis with the world.

If he decides to let his feelings be known, we’ll keep you posted.