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Last month, Kourtney Kardashian stripped nude to promote her latest venture.

Now, she’s promoting her new lifestyle website with something much, much more jarring.

In a new video, she wears a mask modeled after her sister Kim’s face, and the result is truly bizarre.

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Kourtney Kardashian is very busy, and not just because her birthday is in just about two weeks.

(On April 18, she will turn 40!)

She’s in the middle of launching her lifestyle website, Poosh.

Kourt has been promoting it on her Instagram Stories, of course.

Some of the results have been hilarious — but it’s also been downright creepy.

As you will see in the video that we have included, Kourtney is wearing a face mask.

It’s not just any mask — it is molded to resemble her little sister Kim Kardashian’s famous face.

"Hey, how do I look?" Kourtney asks while filming her masked face as it is reflected in the mirror.

"Disgusting," answers a small, adorable voice from off camera.

"What?!" Kourtney asks in an exaggerated voice. "I think I look beautiful."

She does note: "My face ID isn’t working on my phone, though."

Kourtney may be wearing the mask for a lark, but its purpose is all business.

As you can see from the dangling sunglasses, the mask is designed to model sunglasses.

There is a whole set of them.

The sunglasses brand is Carolina Lemke.

Earlier this week, Kim explained that her face was being used to promote the brand.

Entertainment Tonight‘s Keltie Knight caught up with Kim at a recent Carolina Lemke launch event.

There, Kim was delighted to discuss the style collaboration.

"I like to change up my look all the time," Kim admits.

"So," Kim says, she made it a priority "to have so many options."

That’s smart!

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"When we were starting this collab," Kim shares.

She continues: "we initially went into this saying we were going to do six styles."

Committing to a number early on can be a mistake, because you come up with more ideas.

"And," Kim admits. "I think we have seven for the first drop."

Eventually, the collection grew even further.

"And then we cut it into two drops," she reveals.

Now, that number has climbed to well above the mere half-dozen with which they started.

"We have over 20 styles we’re going to be launching before summer," Kim announces.

"And I got so into it that," she admits. "I just, I couldn’t choose."

"I had to have more styles," Kim expresses.

"And because they are affordable," she notes. "You can mix it up more."

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Kim has one of the most famous faces on the planet.

It makes sense that she would get involved in promoting sunglasses, and face molds are a creative way of doing that.

In her own way, Kourtney wasn’t just fooling around on camera — she was promoting the collab, too.

Weird videos on Instagram Stories are an effective tool to get people talking.

Hey, it certainly worked on us!