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This week on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, viewers saw Teresa Giudice in a crisis after Joe lost his appeal. Things were rough.

Teresa now explains that she’s an adult and will survive this. Her daughters, on the other hand, are having a much harder time.

"Um, how did [the girls] take it? Of course they were upset. Who wouldn’t be upset?" Teresa tells a producer on the RHONJ After Show.

"But again, we’re still fighting," she emphasizes. "The fight’s not over."

"We’re still going to the third circuit," Teresa details.

She adds that she counseled patience with her daughters: "But I told the girls it’s gonna be like a year-and-a-half before we hear anything."

Teresa in Italy
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Teresa always advises her kids: "’Don’t think negative. Just always think positive. You have one life to live, and live it the right way. And be happy.’"

Teresa and the others struggle a bit to quote a certain saying, but eventually Teresa lands it.

"When one door closes, another door opens," she quotes.

These are all very healthy ways of looking at a dire situation.

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"And you know," Teresa notes. "Milania was struggling the most over this, and she’s doing amazing."

Of her daughters, Milania is known to be especially sensitive.

"She started working out," she shares. "She lost over 30 lbs."

Often, taking action to control one’s weight comes from a desire to control one thing in life when everything else seems beyond your reach.

Milania Giudice
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"In school, she was acting out," Teresa reveals, though her tone implies that she does not wish to discuss it in detail.

"And now," she continues, "she’s doing amazing in school."

When you’re panicking about life circumstnaces, it’s common to either give up on something entirely or to double down to give you a sense of peace.

"She turned her whole life around," Teresa praises.

Visiting Joe
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Different children of different ages have different experiences and relationships, which is very natural.

"[Audriana] was just getting embarrassed," Teresa reveals.

Audriana is her youngest, so her age brings both social vulnerability and fewer memories of her father while he was free.

"She was embarrassed before I guess around her friends," she notes.

Joseph Giudice
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"A few kids asked her about her father," Teresa explains, "and she told me who the kids were."

"And I spoke to the parents," she shares, "and I explained to them the situation so they could explain to their child."

Teresa explains that she did this "So if they have to ask Audriana a question, they could rephrase it a different way."

That is extremely smart and very sensitive.

Audriana Giudice, First Day of Fourth Grade
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"You have to stay positive," Teresa affirms. "And you know what? The laws might change."

Right now, immigration matters are being run by hardliners and white nationalists. The world is a screaming horror show. But maybe not forever.

"You never know what’s gonna happen in life," she notes.

Tersa adds: "And whatever’s meant to be is gonna be."

Teresa Giudice and Daughters in the Bahamas
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"I’m an adult. I’ll survive. My husband, he’s an adult. He’ll survive," Teresa says at another point.

But not everyone involved here is an adult.

Teresa notes: "It hurts the children."

Audriana Giudice, Gia Giudice, and Milania Giudice
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"You know, death is a finale. Getting deported isn’t," Catania expresses on the subject.

"That, to me, I knew that they would still have a life and they would make the best of whatever they had as a family," she adds.

"When you’re in a hospital bed, that’s a problem," Catania acknowledges. "Everything else is a situation. This is just a situation for them."

Jackie Goldschneider Awkwardly Enrages Teresa Giudice

Jackie Goldschneider has been at odds with Teresa for a while after a very insensitive remark, but she feels sorry for her.

"Whatever Teresa and I go through personally,"Jackie says, "when I hear bad news for her, it’s always heartbreaking."

Frank Catania also weighed in.

He knows that it’s "horrible for the girls. That’s their father. He’s been here since they’re born. He’s been here almost since he’s been born."