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Oh, yes, folks: Kim Kardashian is pregnant with baby number-two.

And she revealed the news, naturally, via a promo for Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

The above footage features Kris finding out that Kylie Jenner uses birth control, as well as Khloe speaking on the phone to Lamar and Kim raving over seeing "pretty" Bruce as "Her."

But who cares about all of that?!?

Around the 30-second mark, we see Kim receiving news from the doctor and then we cut to Kim deliver two magic words to her sister: I’m pregnant.

(NOTE: We’ve trimmed the video down to just Kim’s pregnancy reveal. You’re welcome!)

Considering all the challenges Kim and Kanye West faced in conceiving their second child, this is especially emotional news for them.

Watch the promo to see how it unfolds.