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Let’s be frank: we’re not the biggest fans of Kim Kardashian here at The Hollywood Gossip.

She’ll shill for anything. She won’t stop showing off her cleavage. She seems to think she has some kind of worthy advice to offer people. 

And she still won’t admit that she helped leak the Kim Kardashian sex tape! Come on!

But even we must admit that Kim and Kanye West have produced a very cute daughter in North West, and even we must admit that the video featured here is quite adorable.

It was shared on Twitter by Karizza Sanchez, style news editor for Complex, and it features Kim in a rare moment of actually NOT knowing a camera in turned on.

We see Nori saying here that her name is "Minnie,” “ while Kim coos over her offspring: "You’re so silly! You’re the silliest girl ever, ever, ever, ever, ever."

It really is precious.