Kids Interrupt Dad's BBC Interview, Become Internet Sensations

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As detailed earlier this week, when a young boy broke into a weather report in order to fart, it can be challenging to conduct live television with children in the vicinity.

Just ask Robert Kelly.

A political science professor at Pusan National University in South Korea, Kelly was sitting in his home office this week for a video interview with the BBC.

As you can see in the outset of the footage below, the topic at hand was pretty darn serious.

kelly, kid

But it was hard for the BBC anchor and, eventually, Kelly to keep a straight face when the latter's adorable/enthusiastic toddler daughter busted into his office.

From there, a baby waddled in via a walker, causing brief and total chaos for both Kelly and the reporter trying to ask him questions about global politics.

After a few seconds, a frantic-looking woman (the nanny? We presume?) barged into the room to corral the kids out of their dad's office.

She grabbed the toddler. She rolled the baby away. And the clip hilariously ends with her down on two knees, desperately closing the office door.

The footage has gone viral, inspiring a number of memes and earning a lot of celebrity reaction as well.

Tweeted Tom Hanks: "No Fake News here!”

Joked Ben Stiller: “Whoever directed this should get a 3 picture deal.”

Added Ike Barinholt: “I cannot stop watching this.”

We think you'll feel the same way. Check it out below!

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