Child Interrupts Weather Report to Fart, Warns of Toot Storm

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Consider yourselves warned, loyal THG readers:

The following clip really stinks.

It features meteorologist Patrick Ellis of Mississippi’s WLBT, who is just going about his business of reporting on the weather when the child of a legal expert (who made an earlier appearance on the broadcast) wanders into the frame.

kid and weather

How cute, right? How precious and adorable, no?

No. Not exactly. Not after what the child proceeds to do and say.

Live on the air during the 6 o'clock forecast on Saturday, March 4, the very young man shrikes in excitement before letting a very loud fart rip from his buttocks.

“We’ve got a little bit of, uh, interesting things going on right now,” Ellis says, trying to keep his cool as the kid moves closer to cut the cheese.

Smiling and yet remaining professional, Ellis invites the child to help him with the forecast.

“Yeah, there are farts everywhere and toots,” he says. “It’s crazy.”

It sure is!

The child's father then swoops in to remove his smelly son from the area.

It's pretty amazing all around... and it isn't the first time we've reported on an unusual weather report interruption.


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